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“Being new to social media for business, I needed expert help to guide and train me how to get our Facebook posts in front of both existing clients and targeted zip codes.  Catherine showed me how to accomplish that and more.  Her extremely pleasant demeanor coupled with extensive experience, made my training sessions truly enjoyable.  I highly recommend Catherine’s services to all.”

- Bill Adams, Marketing Manager, Holiday Cruises & Tours

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Easy Tips & Tools for Better 360 Video

Have you seen the new 360 videos on Facebook and thought to yourself “WOW, my clients would love to see footage like this of our next tour/excursion!”?

Good news: these videos are easier to make than you might think! Here are

3 Reasons You Need to Write a Blog
3 reasons you need to write a blog

Is it worth your while to write a blog?

Does anyone read a blog anymore?

Yes and Yes!

Whether you’re looking to raise your credibility, express your professionalism or attract potential new clients, blog writing can help you achieve your goals.

Blog Success

Here’s some

Do YOUR Graphics Inspire Social Shares?

What have YOU shared lately on your social feeds?

What have your fans shared lately?

Inspiring your fans and their friends to share your photos and graphics is key to reaching a broader audience. Once your fans share, their friends share and

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