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“Catherine has always provided intelligent insight to our team and our readers.  We have attended many of her seminars through NTA and she has been a guest writer in Group Tour magazine several times. She has been a joy to work with on both a personal and a professional level.”

- Elly DeVries, Publisher, Group Tour Media

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How to Organize your Photo Library
How to organize your photo library

We’ve all seen photos that tell the story so clearly that you hardly need words. Once the images are found, what’s the best way to keep track of them and their origin?

Secret Photo Library Tips

Here’s a couple of my secrets

How to Tweak Your Social Ad Targeting
How to tweak your social ad targeting

Have you gotten into the habit of always choosing the same target audiences for your social ads?

Are you consistently using the same words and phrases in your marketing?

If you’d like to break out of that routine to reach your clients

How to Strengthen Your Email List
How to strengthen your email list

Is your email list a bit skinny?  Does it lack the strength to bring new leads?

Love it or hate it, email is part of our culture and a workhorse when it comes to marketing.

Did you know that 44% of email

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