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5 Easy Tips to Socially Cross Promote

5-easy-tips-to-socially-cross-promotePsst…want new social fans that LOVE you? Cross-promoting is a powerful way to draw your fans from one of your social sites to another.

Picture this:  You probably have Facebook fans that are also active on several other sites and would love to connect with you.  Yet they may not know you’re active on any other sites.   Tapping into this art of cross-promoting will help you build stronger relationships across a variety of social networks.

How about considering these strategies:

Tip #1 – Tweet to increase your Facebook fan base

Tweet a snappy bit inviting people to check out your newest post or video on Facebook.  A short tweet with a link to your Facebook page is all you’ll need to inspire people to click over to your business page.

Bonus tip:  be sure to shorten the link to your business page so that it doesn’t take up precious space in your 140 character tweet.

Here’s how it can look inviting your Twitter fans to your Facebook feed:


Figure 1-Invite your Twitter followers to join you on Facebook. Note the link directly to your Facebook business page.

Here’s how it can look when you invite your fans to Pinterest:

Figure 2 - Cross promote from Twitter to other social platforms.

Figure 2 – Cross promote from Twitter to other social platforms.

Tip #2 – Add your latest blog to Pinterest 

Each time you publish a new blog post add it to your Pinterest site.  You may consider creating a board for all of your blog posts.  As well you may want to add your blog to other relevant boards on your Pinterest site.

For example, if your blog post is about the benefits of cruising, add that blog post to your Cruise board on Pinterest as well as to a board just for your own blog posts.  Remember to add the link right in the Board Description and Pin Description.   Here’s how.  Talk about niche marketing!

When adding your blog to Pinterest make sure to create a long pin with your blog title. (736 pixels wide by at least 1104 pixels long).  Long pins have been shown to generate more likes and shares than regular size pins.

Strategy tip Each time you create a feature image for a new blog post, rebuild it as a long pin.  Simply take the same graphics, font styles and colors that you use on your blog image and re-jig them into a long pin for Pinterest. This way you’ll maintain consistency in the look and feel across both platforms.  Here’s what it may look like:


Figure 3 – Feature Image used for blog post

Figure 4 - Long Pin created to showcase blog post on Pinterest. This Pin is 736 pixels wide.

Figure 4 – Long Pin created to showcase blog post on Pinterest. This Pin is 736 pixels wide.

Tip #3 –one more easy tip in the video…take a listen

Tip #4 –Create Video

Do you have some new photos you’ve just uploaded to a Facebook photo album?  Take those same photos and create a short video for You Tube.  Then in the video description box on You-Tube, invite people to see more of your photos on Facebook and provide them a link to the Facebook photo album.  Here’s some tools to create videos from your still images.

Here’s some examples of what’s working now in the world of video.

Tip #5 – Use Icons Wisely

When you’re planning your editorial calendar how about including an image of another social platform with text inviting fans to this other platform for additional information.  Here’s an example;  On Facebook create a post with the  Pinterest icon.  In the text box invite them to cruise over to your Pinterest site for even more photos related to your weekly theme.   Here’s how it can look:

Figure 5- Showcase the benefits your Facebook fans will experience when they join you on your other social sites.

Figure 5- Showcase the benefits your Facebook fans will experience when they join you on your other social sites.

Strategy tip:  imagine using this strategy for each social site on which you’re active.  For example, tweet a picture of a Facebook icon inviting your Twitter followers to see some related content on your Facebook page.  Create a Pinterest board for each of your Facebook photo albums.  In the board description invite viewers to your Facebook albums for even more information.

While this may sound redundant, it can quickly grow each of your fan bases and amplify your messages.  It takes only a couple of minutes once you include these steps into your daily or weekly routine.

These easy tactics will show & tell fans why they want to join your conversation on other social platforms.  They’ll <3 you for it!

You’ll reap the rewards of brand advocates who will help you market each time they like, comment or share your great content.

Which tip will you start with?

Here’s a quick synopsis:


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