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5 Essential Question styles to Enhance Engagement



What’s the secret to fan engagement?

Questions are the oldest yet most effective way to get people’s attention!  Posting questions on your Facebook page will double comment rates over other types of posts.

Essential Types of Questions

1.     Multiple choice

  • Remember many people will be viewing your posts on their mobile device so keep the answers options simple.
  • Tour Operators may ask “What’s your favorite thing to do on a motor coach?  A) talk with fellow travelers B) watch a movie C) Sleep
    • This critical knowledge will help your tour directors understand your unique clients’ needs.
  • Hotels may ask “What’s most important to you? A) a hearty breakfast  B) evening cocktail hour.  See LaQuinta Inns and Suites as an example.

Bonus Tip:  The Question feature on Facebook is under-used and provides a graphic look that will encourage engagement.  You’ll find this in your ‘Status/Share’ box:


2.     Fill in the blank

  • Learn insights to influence your marketing and delivery tactics and combine with other demographic data for a broader picture.
  • Attractions could ask “My favorite exhibit is _________________. Fill in the blank”.   “I love to visit with a/my _______________. Fill in the blank”.
  • Travel agents find success with “My favorite cruise ship is__________”  “What one thing is always in my suitcase________”
  • Tour Operators  Tauck has great examples.
  • Research shows that this type of post receives 9 times more comments than other posts.  Source:

3.   One word

  • Intriguing!  These posts are similar to Fill in the Blank questions, but strive to gain a one-word answer.
  • Tour Operators or destinations might want to post something in this style; “New York City makes me feel….”
  • Hotels may post “Like it or Leave it…Hot breakfast….” (ok, it’s 2 words yet filled with impact

4.     Open-ended questions

  • These questions take a bit longer for your fans to answer but provide an invaluable emotional connection.
  • Tour Operators consider these “My favorite thing about motor coach travel is…..”  Or how about “What’s at the top of your travel bucket list?”

5.     Photo with a question

  •  Post a series of 3-5 photos on your wall and in an album then ask people to ‘like’ their favorite photo.
  • For more info on photos and editing images, click here.
  • Tour operators can have some fun by posting different destinations, attractions or restaurants that are components in past or future tours.  Imagine the market research you’ll gain when planning your next group departure.
  • Attractions can intrigue people by posting photos of different features of their venue.   Consider choosing a couple of highly popular exhibits as well as some often-missed or little known.
  • Hotels can post 2 photos with slight differences and ask fans to tell what’s different in each photo.
  • How about bringing your Pinterest boards into this equation.  Check out Visit Savannah.

Quintessential tip:
  Create compelling posts with a call to action.  This simple formula targets fans interests and provides you with all-important activity on your page.  Choose a topic that you think the majority of your fans like or agree with.  Then compose a post in this format:  “Click ‘like’ if you’d love to…. visit Colonial Williamsburg.  Try this:  “Click ‘share’ and let your friends see this great photo.”  How about this:  “Love Girl Getaways, click ‘share’ and spread the word to your gal pals.

Using questions to boost your ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ and ‘shares’ will increase the likelihood (based on Facebook’s EdgeRank methods) that more of your fans will see your content.  Why not increase traffic and comments to your Facebook page?

What question has brought you the most response?


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