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7 Tips to Boost Your Social Ad Creativity

7-tips-to-boost-your-social-ad-creativityDo you have a great looking social presence, but not as many ‘super fans’ as you’d like?

These ‘super fans’ are an elusive yet a powerful voice for your brand.  Understanding who these fans are and how to capture their attention is a bit of a challenge so here are tactics to identify and engage with them.

Study your social analytics and dive into the details of your ‘engaged fans’.  So many times people simply look at the overview of their insights and miss the deep analytics that lurk only a couple of clicks away.  For example, many people simply look at the Fans tab in Facebook Page Insights.  If you click Insights<People<People Engaged you’ll be able to contrast the difference between your regular fans and those people that are taking some action with your posts.  These ‘super fans’ are the people that can influence and inspire with their likes, comments and shares.

Dial in to the latest social advertising options.  Using Power Editor or Ads Manager in Facebook you can create a variety of types of ads.

Many travel pros ask what the value is of an Ad versus a Boost Post.  Here’s my top reason why an ad is more powerful.

  1. Ads allow you to selectively pinpoint the ad time and duration
  2. When you set up ads in Ads Manager or Power Editor they won’t appear on your timeline. This means your fans won’t be bombarded with ads all the time yet they’ll still see your regular content.
  3. Analytics are more in-depth with ads
  4. New audiences can be set up based on ad viewership
  5. You can create new Target Audience and Custom audiences within the advertising tool.

Let’s explore some popular ad choices here.

Facebook Carousel ads

Carousel ads on Facebook open more options for unique, innovative story-telling.  Embracing these revolving ad images gives you a fresh way to visually engage your fans with up to 10 images and links in a single ad.

Figure 2 – With a carousel ad you can upload 2-10 square images.

        Figure 1 – With a carousel ad you can upload 2-10 square images.

With a carousel ad you have a couple of options:

#1 — Manually choose your ad creative graphic images

  • Ensure that you own the graphic images and that you edit and resize them. (check out a tool like PicMonkey to resize)
  • Size required = 1080 × 1080 pixels
  • Use images with little or no text
  • Video slideshow is also available within this section
  • Upload your images along with description & headline
  • Add a Call to Action button
Figure 3 – Add a Call to Action button as well as your website URL

Figure 2 – Add a Call to Action button as well as your website URL

What NOT to do:  (avoid images with text)

Figure 4 – Do not use graphics with too much text as your ad will not be approved

Figure 3 – Do not use graphics with too much text as your ad will not be approved

#2 — Pull graphic images from your website

  • This is a great choice when your website images are correctly sized and relevant to your ad copy.

Carousel ads for Travel & Tourism Pros

Tap into the power of Carousel ads and posts created with these trendy tips.

#1 – Highlight the benefits of working with a Travel Pro

#2 – Showcase the activities at your top-selling resort

#3 – Focus on the benefits of cruising

#4 – Quick tour of your hotel

#5 – Overview of your upcoming destination event

#6 – Spotlight an important new feature

#7 – Focus on travel tips

#8 – Showcase culinary marvels

Check out these great examples from travel & tourism professionals.

Facebook Video ads

Video ads on Facebook extend your reach and allow you to add a call to action button.  Ramp up your engagement with short 20-30 second videos that focus on your top destinations, top selling ships or a new group tour.  Using the analytics available for video is a phenomenal way to get a grip on how long your video holds the attention of viewers.

Facebook Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ad.  This is a looping video ad with up to 10 still images woven together to form a video.  Similar to a Slideshow post you can create it as an ad that does not appear on your timeline.

Figure 5 – Remember to add your contact information as a slide.

Figure 4 – Remember to add your contact information as a slide.

Slideshow & Video ad uses for Travel & Tourism Pros

Embrace video and consider these killer content ideas

#1 – Showcase your top selling resort or cruise ship

#2 – Focus on new attractions in your destination

#3 – Foodies will love new dining and culinary options

#4 – Take viewers behind the scenes

#5 – Capture a day in the life of a hotel or cruise line staffer

#6 – Demystify the art of creating culinary or floral displays

#7 – Turn on the adventure!  Showcase activities; ziplining, wall climbing, rafting, etc.

#8 – Interview personalities that make your resort, destination or event spectacular

#9 – Answer common questions and stimulate new perspectives

Facebook Canvas ads


Figure 6 – Canvas ads combine images and video into an immersive experience

Figure 5 – Canvas ads combine images and video into an immersive experience

Starting a Canvas is easy with the tools provided that walk you thru each of these components.

Figure 7 – Multiple components make brand building and story-telling easy

Figure 6 – Multiple components make brand building and story-telling easy

As you’re preparing your Canvas each section provides you with detailed guides on image sizing, styling and text fonts.  You have the opportunity to create a multi-media post that enhances your story-telling and builds brand awareness.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads can now be created and triggered right from your Facebook Power Editor account.  Using 1 platform connects you to an easier way to manage and compare your ads across both platforms.

Figure 1: Set up Instagram ads right from Power Editor.

Figure 7 – Set up Instagram ads right from Power Editor.

Twitter ads

Jump over to your twitter account and check out the powerful targeting options.  Twitter ad campaigns tailored to specific goals are a powerful way to generate leads, increase video views and gain new followers.

Pinterest ads

Promoted Pins on Pinterest are a creative way to promote events or upcoming group tours. Building awareness, interest, engagement and traffic is easy when you drive traffic from Pinterest back to your website.

“In an internal brand lift study comparing Pinners who’ve seen Promoted Pins to Pinners who haven’t, people who saw them had 40% greater awareness of new products and 50% higher purchase intent.”  Source

Twitter and Pinterest ad content ideas for Travel and Tourism Pros

Broaden your reach and gain more website views with these ad content ideas.  Targeting and analytics are available.

#1 – Focus on an upcoming group tour

#2 – Highlight your travel accessory or gift shop items

#3 – Partner with local gift shops to showcase destination specific items

More ad tips here.

Banish these social ad blunders.

Have you implemented any of these tactics into your marketing plan already?

Which tip are you most interested to try first?

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Social Marketing Strategies for Travel and Tourism

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