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2 Ways to Visually Connect: Blab & Hangouts

‘Live-casting’ video platforms Blab and Google+ Hangouts allow you to meet with people and have a ‘face to face’ on-line conversation. Creative ways travel & tourism pros can use live streaming video for marketing and engagement success.

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4 SEO Benefits of Google+

Google Plus relationship building benefits are essential in social marketing while the greatest feature for many is the SEO benefit. Smart strategies to incorporate into your blog, content marketing and SEO plan into a cohesive strategy for travel & tourism pros.

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5 Ways to Embrace Video in Your Social Marketing

Easily create your own videos and include them in your social posts and your website with simple and powerful tools. Flip a Gram, Movie Maker, Animoto, iMovie for travel & tourism pros.

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5 Social Marketing Slip-Up’s to Avoid

Here are a couple of common travel industry social marketing blunders to banish. Photos, video, social ads, social platforms pose challenges and solutions.

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How to Socialize Your Content: Instagram and Blogs

Engage with your clients in an impactful way. Here’s how Instagram and Blogs can fit into your social toolkit. Repurposing images & videos to extend your social reach and amplify your messages to build relationships.

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3 Social Advertising Tips for Travel Pros | Video

Facebook ads are so much more powerful with detailed targeting options. Tourism & Travel pros also use Twitter ads, Instagram ads and Promoted Pins on Pinterest. Niche marketing is maximized with targeted ad placement.

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2 Video Platforms to Enhance Your Streaming Strategy: Periscope & Meerkat

Periscope and Meerkat for travel pros; live video options that you can tap into and bring people together for an interactive conversation. One-to-many video broadcasting apps for tourism and travel

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2 New Facebook Updates | Video

How to create Facebook Slideshows and Carousel posts. Travel pros can use these features to market events, destinations and products.

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How to Add your Workplace to your Facebook Personal Profile

Facebook: simple tactic you can use to showcase your workplace and your niche markets, specialties and professionalism. For Travel, Tourism & Hospitality professionals.

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3 Steps to Shape up your Social Ads

Social ads & ‘pay to play’ arena to build brand and tell your story.Carousel ads & video are shaping travel and tourism marketing

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