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How to Ensure Clients Find You Online & Socially

Do your clients say “I can’t find you on Facebook” or “I didn’t know you had a website”? Maybe they’re not finding you at all and you’re missing out on some business.

How can we make it easier for your clients to find your social pages? When you make your best use of social media integration, there are endless opportunities for you to enhance your visibility online!

Let’s consider the following.

Tip #1 — Break Out Blogs.

Double your efforts by including social sharing buttons at the bottom of your blog. These tools provide people with the opportunity to share your blog with their social friends on a variety of platforms. Don’t miss the opportunity to extend your reach.

Tool tip:  Check out Shareaholic for a variety of social sharing buttons. Here’s an example

Figure 1 – Social sharing buttons extend your reach.

Tip #2 — Blog + Facebook = BFF.

Leverage your blog by automatically sharing it to Facebook. Yep, that’s right; each time a new blog post of yours goes live you don’t have to worry about creating a Facebook post for it. What’s a BFF (Best Friend Forever) for?

Tool tip:  Tools like Graffiti and Networked Blogs will do the heavy lifting for you with an announcement post on Facebook of your latest blog post.

Tip #3 — Embed and Empower.

Did you know that you can embed Facebook posts, Instagram images, SlideShares, Google +, You Tube, Pinterest Pins and Tweets into your blog and even into some e-newsletter applications? When you embed directly into a blog post, you’ll show and tell people what they’ll find when they follow you. They may not have realized you were on their favorite social site until they see it embedded into your blog or newsletter.

Bonus tip:  You’ll typically find embed codes in the share section of a post. Here’s how.  Embedding a Facebook post is easy.

Tip #4 — Innovative Integration.

How about creating a Facebook post that invites people to follow you on Twitter or Pinterest? Have you thought about tweeting about your latest Pinterest board? What about inviting your Instagram followers to subscribe to your You-Tube channel? This can be as easy as creating a graphic and including it in your line-up of weekly posts.  Entice people with a short, snappy post. Here’s an example:

Figure 2 – Invite your fans to join you on your other social sites.

Tool tip:  An easy way to create imaginative graphics is with tools like Canva, Adobe Spark and PicMonkey.

Tip #5 — Video Rules!

Creating and posting video to your social sites is the most likely way to garner those coveted shares. Take that 1 step further and create a short video showing people why they need to follow and fan your social pages. Consider creating a short video showcasing you top destinations, ships or adventures. Here’s how to create a video of your still images. Post this video socially and embed it into your blog and newsletter. Here’s how to make sure it gets noticed!

While social marketing isn’t a popularity contest it is an invaluable way to market your business, increase your credibility and gain new clients. In the world of travel, that trifecta is awe-inspiring.

Which of these visibility tactics do you already use?

Which will you use next?

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Social Marketing Strategies for Travel and Tourism

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