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How to Finesse Your Social Ad Targeting

Have you tried the intro-level ad targeting tools on your favorite social sites?  Now are you wondering what else is available at your fingertips? A further social reach is just a few clicks away!

Do you have a great email list of clients and potential clients?

Is your client email list segmented by style of travel, travel interests, etc?

Do you have a clear picture of your target demographic?

If you’ve answered yes to any one of these questions, Facebook Power Editor or Ads Manager is the choice for your next ad campaign.

Custom Audience on Facebook

Use your great email list to set up a Custom Audience. This is so cool!  When you select “Customer List” you simply input the emails of your selected clients and Facebook matches them up with existing Facebook users. For example, if your email list contains 10,000 emails when you upload it, Facebook may match up 8000 of its’ users with those emails. You now have a valuable list of 8000 of your clients who have Facebook accounts. You can target those people in advertising.

Here’s where you find this option:  Ads Manager<Audiences<Create Audience<Customer List.

Figure 1 – Use your own client list or video viewership to create a Custom Audience

Video Engagement Audience on Facebook

When you select “Engagement on Facebook” allows you to create a custom audience of video viewers over the last 180 days.  It’s a powerful way to target video ads to already interested fans.

Figure 2 – Target an audience who has watched your videos in the past.

Unique Demographic Targeting for Travel Pros

Once in Power Editor the door is open to set up your unique audience targeting.

Not only can you target by demographic you can also target by:

  • Life events—think of the possibilities if you’re marketing to those celebrating a milestone birthday or upcoming anniversary.
  • Relationships—imagine the opportunities for marketing to newly engaged…or newly single.
  • Interests—consider marketing your next Italy tour to those who love red wine & Italian food. What about your upcoming yoga retreat – you can target yoga and meditation aficionados.
  • Travel aspirations—does your next tour include an eco-tourism focus? Did you know you can target those who are interested in eco-tourism?
  • Culinary styles—do you have an upcoming tour to Germany or a river cruise on the Rhine? You can target those who love German or French food.

Figure 3 – Did you know you can target as specifically as style of cuisine, life milestones and travel aspirations?

Valuable Target Audiences

Once you set up your unique Target Audiences you can save and reuse them for multiple campaigns and ads.  While it takes a bit of time to design your Target Audience for specific markets, the value is that you can re-use, tweak and continue to benefit from them over time.

For example, perhaps you have quarterly event that you’d like to advertise to a specific demographic. Simply create your graphic and ad copy, then create your target audience and build your ad. Each quarter you can evaluate the results of your previous ad and re-use the target audience or create a new audience. In addition, you can set up 2 ads each with unique target audiences and split test the results of your ad campaign.

Ad Target Overview

Overall, targeting can be as complex as the audience you’re aspiring to reach. The more details you know about your desired audience the more likely you are to attract and engage.

I just love the power of Power Editor on Facebook! How will you incorporate it into your social strategy?

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Social Marketing Strategies for Travel and Tourism

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