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How to Fix Your Visual Social Posts and Gain More Traction

How well do you feel you know your audience online? Sometimes popular trends and advice may point our marketing in one direction, when our own audience is looking for something a little different. Polish your posting approach by making sure you know what your clients are looking for online.

What’s the Best Content?

Once you understand where your audience hangs out socially, it’s time to see what they really, really like.  Checking your Page Insights and other analytics tools reveal where you get the most attraction; photos, link posts, text only posts, videos, infographics.  With that knowledge you can easily go to work and replicate your successes with similarly styled content.

Did you know:

Creating great visual content is more important now than ever.

Slip-ups to Avoid

Slip-Up #1

We all know the power of video, but the pitfall of posting You Tube videos to Facebook is that only a thumbnail of the video shows in your post. You’ll be losing the advantage of that nice big video player on Facebook and your fans will be taken out of the Facebook eco-system and onto You Tube. This spells disaster as you risk losing them to more videos on You Tube while your content languishes on Facebook.  Here’s what a You Tube video looks like on Facebook:

Figure 1 – Don’t miss the opportunity to have your video play right within Facebook.

The Fix #1

The fix is to post native videos on Facebook as they’ll look like this.  Notice that this video that was uploaded directly to Facebook plays right within the Facebook eco-system and takes up all of the available real estate in a timeline.

Edit your video to add text and transitions using tools like iMovie, MovieMaker, Screen-Cast-o-Matic or others. Don’t use a link to a You-Tube video.

Figure 2 – Upload video directly to Facebook and take advantage of the larger player.

Slip-up #2

When you share a link to an article does the graphic look like a thumbnail or a large image? We want to avoid sharing links that look like this when posted. You’ll notice there’s simply a thumbnail and it doesn’t fill the entire space available. What a lost opportunity, especially for mobile viewers.

Figure 3 – Don’t let thumbnails diminish your post readability.

The Fix #2

When posting try to share articles that have large feature images that take up all of the available real estate when shared.  When creating your own blog posts, be certain to create a Feature Image that pulls onto your social sites in a large, full size format.  Use image creation tools like PicMonkey or Canva to create the right image for the medium.  It will look like this:

Figure 4 – Create feature images that render as a large graphic on Facebook.

Slip-up #3

Is your message or graphic suited for mobile users?  Did you know that over 56% of Facebook users are mobile only? While I LOVE the quote, we want to avoid a graphic that has too much text and is too hard to read on a mobile device.

Figure 5 – Does your message render well on a mobile device?

The Fix #3

When posting quotes or creating graphic images of quote find a style that transfers well for mobile users. Think about text size, amount of text and colors. Try using image creation tools like PicMonkey or Canva to create the right image for the medium. 📷 Here’s some samples you’re welcome to use on your own social sites.  You may even want to test a graphic before launching it in real time. That way you can adjust and tweak as needed.

Download those free samples here.

Here’s a screen shot from a mobile device. Notice the text size and graphic colors.

Figure 6 – Text and graphics are easy to see on a mobile device.

What’s Next?

If you find your fans and followers are clicking “Like”, “Share” or are commenting on video more than any other post style, then leverage that knowledge and create even more video. You may consider getting more active on your You Tube or Vimeo channel or leap into live-streaming video. How about upping your game by tapping into some cool video tools like:

  • iMovie (Mac) or Movie Maker (PC)
  • ShowBox
  • Flip – A – Gram
  • Magisto
  • Adobe Spark
  • Prezi

GIF’s are becoming more and more popular. These are animated, looping images…think about the old dancing baby. It’s bit-sized entertainment. Some popular tools to create GIF’s are:

Keeping up with your social fans and staying ahead of the game does take a bit of time and talent.  It will be worth it as you capture the attention and loyalty of your clients.  Conquering new techniques will help you tap into a new client base that will keep your business active and vital in the future.

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