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Trends in Visual Social Marketing

Trends for visual marketingThe other day at the airport I was browsing the magazine rack and was drawn to the gorgeous cover photos and the inspiring images inside. It made me want to change my flight and escape to an exotic locale.

Then as I was in the gate house scanning my social feeds I realized I was drawn to some posts over others for some of the same reasons as when I was at the magazine shop.

Are you like me when you pick up a magazine or read an on-line article; do you scan the title, look at the photos and read the captions? Then after all that do you read the opening lines?

You’re not alone. I’ll bet your clients are doing the same thing with your content. Every day over 200,000 million photos are uploaded to Facebook. Each minute 216,000 photos are shared on Instagram. Some sources say we see over 5000 ads each and every day.

Is it still worth 1000 words?

The old adage that a photo is worth 1000 words has been proven again and again. Yet, how well are you using visuals in your marketing? Are you getting your 1000 word impact?

Social marketing is perfect for bringing your photos and graphics into the lime light. Consider the popularity of Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr.

Figure 1-Visuals make an impact socially

Pinterest was the fastest growing social site in 2014 with more than 97% growth in active users. This brings their total audience to 72.8 million users of which 85% are women.

Meanwhile Instagram added 47% more active users to their roster for a total of 300 million users, 75 million who visit daily.

Flickr is a bit more mysterious as they keep their stats pretty quiet. Through some digging it appears they have 112 million users.

Research is showing that images on Facebook bring 104% more engagement.

Images on Twitter  earned 150 percent more retweets and 18 percent more clicks.

Snapchat is engaging a young demographic and now some industry leaders are taking note. Check out these cool examples of how our industry is starting to embrace Snapchat.

Graphic Storytelling


Figure 2 - Tell your story with images that jump off a social feed

Figure 2 – Tell your story with images that jump off a social feed

Let’s go back to that magazine rack and on-line story. What grabs your attention as you’re scrolling thru your own social timelines? Images? Video? Photos of people? Do the images inspire you to travel? I find myself drawn to images of exotic destinations or quirky attractions.

Photos and graphic images tell your story better and involve the emotions of vision. Maximizing their impact can be as easy as using filters or adding text. It can be as involved as increasing your budget to produce higher quality images. Or you can rely more on user-generated content for an authentic view.

How well is your company focusing on visuals? Here are some popular tools to help your images stand out.

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Social Marketing Strategies for Travel and Tourism

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Catherine Heeg

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