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How to Prepare for Your Next Live Video


So you’ve seen a live stream or two on your Facebook feed and you know what they’re all about. It’s time to get started planning a live stream of your own!

Let’s get rolling!

But…don’t jump in without checking the water first. 

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7 Steps to Success at a Group Tour Trade Show


It’s January and that means one thing for everyone in the group tour industry, it’s show time! As in group tour trade shows. Some, such as ABA marketplace attract around 4ooo attendees per year from all over the country.

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From Criminal to Superstar: 3 Image Licensing Secrets


Remember when it was easy enough to snap a photo on a fam trip and use it in your next newsletter?

Remember when you had to spend huge dollars to buy an image to use in a newspaper ad?

Remember when… back

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The 80/20 Rule for Tourism Pros – Homework Included!


80/20 rule explains why some actions create big results, and why many other actions create little to no results. Travel and tourism pros challenged by staffing, client work and delegation find this useful.

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