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“To become a perennial master of great social marketing is a revered skill. To inspire business owners to embrace the art and science of this ever-changing, all-important practice is a daunting task. Catherine Heeg has nailed it! She breaks it down and builds us up. Catherine has transformed many – included me – to become infinitely better at social marketing.”

- Stuart Lloyd Cohen, Chief Motivation Officer

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2 Social Fan Blunders to Avoid
2 social fan blunders to avoid

Are you struggling to forge new or better connections with your fans?

Building relationships with your fans really isn’t so different from the ways you would build them in person with your colleagues and friends.  Your colleagues probably anticipate a certain

2 Tips for a Better Social Strategy – Ads & Analytics
2 Tips for a Better Social Strategy

Are you achieving your marketing objectives?

We used to rely on newspaper ads, yellow pages listings and bus bench marketing.  We now turn to the wide world of social and on-line marketing to boost our biz.

Whether your goal is to increase

How to Gain More Social Fans
How to Gain More Social Fans

The marketing process tends to follow a well-traveled pathway.

It begins with bringing awareness to your brand.

Awareness leads to interest and interest leads to desire and new business.

This is the point on the pathway where sales are made or clients are

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