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“Thank you so much for your help.  Just looked at my page and see it is easier to find and it has beautiful content. We sure needed your help.  You have made such a difference for us and have helped the stress level.”

- Joy Cicero, Joy’s Adventures

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How to Get to Know Your Social Fans Better
How to Get to Know Your Social Fans Better

Are your social marketing results beginning to plateau?

Some savvy marketers study their fan interests and page analytics daily.

Others just don’t have the time!  Yet we all need a quick way to figure out what’s valuable to fans.  What really inspires

Why Social Ads Work in Travel & Tourism
Why Social Ads Work in Travel and Tourism

Do you every wonder what inspires travel purchases?

In researching where people begin their search for travel inspiration it’s fascinating to note how each generation is a bit different.

Here’s a breakdown of each generation by birth year:

The Silent Generation: Born 1928-1945

12 Exciting Topics for Your Next Live Social Video
12 exciting topics for your next video

Are your clients clamoring to know exactly what their tour with you will look like?  Do they ask questions about the experiences, activities and culinary creations?

Do your clients want to better understand what cruising or coach touring is really like?


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