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“To become a perennial master of great social marketing is a revered skill. To inspire business owners to embrace the art and science of this ever-changing, all-important practice is a daunting task. Catherine Heeg has nailed it! She breaks it down and builds us up. Catherine has transformed many – included me – to become infinitely better at social marketing.”

- Stuart Lloyd Cohen, Chief Motivation Officer

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WeChat and Facebook – Compare and Contrast
Wechat and Facebook Compare and contrast

WeChat – How is it the same as Facebook? What makes it soooo different?  While Facebook is illegal in China, WeChat is a popular way to build relationships with your Chinese tour operators and gain access to the lucrative Chinese

2 Easy Tips For Better Social Ads

Where would you turn if you needed more butts in seats or heads in beds?

To your pied pipers
To your sales staff
To social advertising
All of the above?

As a busy travel & tourism pro I’ll bet you’d choose #4—all of the above. 

6 Text Tips to Turbocharge Your Blog
6 text tips to turbocharge your blog

Think blogging is all just typing? Wrong! Although text makes up a lot of blogging, that doesn’t mean it’s all dry or too straightforward! How you format your blog text and how you phrase your ideas counts for a lot

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