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“Huge thanks to Catherine Heeg and Customized Management Solutions for working so hard to make me smart on social media. I’ve been working with her for a few months and have seen a huge upswing in my social media connections. Thanks Catherine Heeg, I’m finally getting somewhere”


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How to Do a Live Video Broadcast with a Guest
How to do a live video broadcast with a guest

Wouldn’t you love to stay in front of your clients and social fans?  Now’s the time to stay connected and let them know you’re still their best travel resource.  Now’s NOT the time to disappear!

Staying connected with clients and suppliers

The #1 Skill you Need to Learn this Year–Delegation!
The number 1 skill you need to learn this year

Like many of you, I have been attending webinars every week on topics for our post Covid world. Yesterday I attended one sponsored by U.S. Travel’s National Council of Attractions ( I am a former board member). The presentation included

How to Re-think Your Social Marketing
How to rethink your social marketing

As we ramp up for the next phase of recovery and transition to the ‘next normal’ you can be busy planning for your future social marketing success.

Don’t waste a minute!

Conquer that stalemate that caused travel to plummet by keeping your

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