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“To become a perennial master of great social marketing is a revered skill. To inspire business owners to embrace the art and science of this ever-changing, all-important practice is a daunting task. Catherine Heeg has nailed it! She breaks it down and builds us up. Catherine has transformed many – included me – to become infinitely better at social marketing.”

- Stuart Lloyd Cohen, Chief Motivation Officer

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Why Social Ads Work in Travel & Tourism
Why Social Ads Work in Travel and Tourism

Do you every wonder what inspires travel purchases?

In researching where people begin their search for travel inspiration it’s fascinating to note how each generation is a bit different.

Here’s a breakdown of each generation by birth year:

The Silent Generation: Born 1928-1945

12 Exciting Topics for Your Next Live Social Video
12 exciting topics for your next video

Are your clients clamoring to know exactly what their tour with you will look like?  Do they ask questions about the experiences, activities and culinary creations?

Do your clients want to better understand what cruising or coach touring is really like?


How to Understand What Your Social Fans Want
How to understand what your social fans want

Do you find you’re not getting as many new fans as you had last year?

Are your likes, comments and shares dwindling?

As a travel and tourism pro, you probably know a thing or two about marketing but these image and graphic

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