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“Thank you so much for your help.  Just looked at my page and see it is easier to find and it has beautiful content. We sure needed your help.  You have made such a difference for us and have helped the stress level.”

- Joy Cicero, Joy’s Adventures

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4 Hot Video Tips to Boost Your Social Visibility
4 hot video tips to boost your social visability

Are you annoyed with algorithms?

Vexed by video?

Navigating the ever-changing social media algorithms can feel like a never ending trek through the mud.  It’s easy to slip up on unexpected updates or sink into old strategies that are no longer effective.


2 Social Marketing Dynamos – Video & Ads
Social Marketing dynamos

Milk & Cookies!

Peanut Butter & Jelly!

Bacon & Eggs!

All these things go together so well that we can’t imagine one without the other. Like two peas in a pod! They bring back fond memories, fill our tummies and make us smile.


How to Network With Video
How to Network with Video

Take a look at your calendar.  How many Travel & Tourism conferences, meetings, or informal gatherings you’ve attended or are yet to attend?  It’s probably a lot!  These types of meetings are a great way to engage with our industry

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