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1 big way to gain attention - updated

Psst…Want more fans?

Social media is changing constantly and unlocking secrets to fan engagement.  While we’re all looking for the magic elixir to engage, enlighten and eek more revenues from clients, here are some techniques that are working exceptionally well in our industry.

These free tools provide the resources to know more about your fans and potential clients.  We’ll start with landing pages here today and future posts will focus on contests and polls.

Landing Pages

AKA Welcome pages and Splash pages.

Did you know that people are 67% more likely to ‘like’ your Facebook page if you have a custom landing page?

While adding these pages is an advanced project, it will bring you results.  See examples of industry leaders; Shebby Lee Tours, Sports Travel and Tours, Princess Cruises. A technically savvy client used the Wildfire I-Frames application to build his landing page in about 2 ½ hours.   I’ve chosen to have my web designer build a customized page for my site.


Best Practices

Many travel pros are keen to try these powerful fan engagement tools so let’s look at a couple of best practices to make the most of your time and effort.

  • Set goals of what you’d like this new Landing page to accomplish.
    1. Do you want to promote a new package, get more likes, promote new photos, promote a consumer night or group departure?
    2. Would you like people to visit your Youtube channel to see your latest destination videos?
    3. Would you like to invite fans to your blog or newly revamped website?
    4. Take the time to get the graphics right.  You know the saying about a photo and 1000 words.
    5. Once people arrive at your page, provide relevant, fresh content that offer a unique value!
    6. Most importantly, have a call to action!  Make it very clear what you’d like visitors to do once they see your new landing page.  Then make it easy for them to help you achieve your goals.

As you’re considering your options keep in mind the design time and effort you’ll invest in this project and compare it to hiring a professional designer.  Lastly, have some fun with this exciting medium.

Let’s keep the conversation relevant. 

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