1 Quick Time Saving Social Marketing Tip


Tick, Tock!  Saving time has become the mantra of the busiest and most successful people in tourism.

While social and traditional marketing take time and talent, let’s think about some ways to save some time yet create shareable content that engages your unique clients.

You’ve spent plenty of time snapping photos, jotting down destination notes, putting together trip guides for your clients, right?  How about turning that knowledge into some amazing marketing pieces.  Think branding and niche marketing.

Repurpose your Photos

All those spectacular photos from your last tour are just waiting to be used in your marketing efforts.

Here are a number of easy ways you can repurpose those photos and extend their life-span.

  1. Create video from your still images. Check out FlipAGram and Animoto to make this simple.  Share these videos socially, add to your website, blog and newsletter.
  2. Design a SlideShare with a mix of relevant photos and text. The SlideShare can be shared socially and embedded into your website or blog.
  3. On Facebook design Carousel and Slide Show A simple way to add some pizzazz and attract some attention.  Canvas is another Facebook tool that enables you to add photos and videos into an integrated, immersive visual experience.
  4. Post your photos to a variety of your social platforms. Spread out your posts to maximize their impact.  Don’t forget; Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook.
  5. Add these photos to your website. Think of the SEO boost you’ll gain with these web changes.
  6. Embed photos and social posts into a blog post. This will give you a built-in outline for a blog.
  7. Create a Photo Album on Facebook for each destination
  8. Create a board on Pinterest for each topic, destination, resort or country
  9. Create a photo collage for use in a blog or social post
  10. Revise your cover and header images with your latest photos.

Quick Photo Uses

These time-saving repurposing tips will revitalize your social presence.  Just think, you’ll have more time to travel and snap great photos.


Which of your favorite travel photos will you embed into your next blog post?

Let me know how you like to repurpose your great content to make the most of it!

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