11 Best Twitter Practices, 2 tips to avoid!

Building and nurturing Twitter account is only part of the social media equation! Next is mastering how to best put this social media tool to use for you.

Best Practices

  1. 20 tweets/day and 1 in 4 tweets can be about your business on average; other tweets should be conversational
  2. Ensure your tweets are relevant to your audience
  3. Retweet items of interest to your followers
  4. Continue adding more followers (connect with me for tips on how to add and engage the right followers: www.twitter.com/catherineheeg)
  5. Market to the next level of followers – market to your followers’ followers
  6. Answer questions from other Twitter feeds
  7. Use # to direct people to information on a specific topic or destination
  8. Ask followers to take action; drive them to your website, blog or business location
  9. Follow up and stay involved in the conversations
  10. Listen more to what is being said by others on Twitter
  11. Add your Twitter feed to your other social media sites

Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest and ‘baddest’ is not responding to direct questions or concerns with your best customer service voice.  This is imperative.

The other common mistake people make is putting forth too corporate of a voice.  Twitter is all about making connections on a personal level and having fun.

Go out there and have some fun!

Keep the conversation relevant.  Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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