2.7 Essential Tips to Market your next Event

LinkedIn Events + Twitter = Powerful event marketing for Travel pros.

Events applications on Facebook and LinkedIn are powerful ways to spread the word of your upcoming group tours, special events and training workshops.  Choosing the right application for your specific event is critical.  In an earlier post we worked thru the benefits of using Facebook Events as a marketing tool to bring you a greater critical mass of awareness and exposure.  Here we’ll delve into the distinct advantages of LinkedIn Events when marketing on a B2B level.  In a subsequent post we’ll explore proven ways to blend social and traditional media. 

LinkedIn Events

Are you targeting professionals for your upcoming event?  Is your next tour designed with history professors in mind?   Does your city need to attract more architects to your new Skyscraper Museum? Yes?  LinkedIn provides the answer to niche marketing.

Creating an event on LinkedIn starts in the ‘MORE’ tab. (for a step by step guide, please see the screen shots and advice at  http://ow.ly/3Mumv)

Even if you’re not the event organizer you can still create an event and include the organizers contact information.  Once created, you’ll see a URL that you can use in your e-mail blasts and blog posts.  At this point you can also invite your connections who will then see the invite on their weekly update as will all of their connections.  Think how this could spread.


Twitter is fabulous for getting the message out quickly!  Consider the hotel that’s hosting a gourmet wine pairing event or the tour company planning an exclusive demonstration of Thai music at their next consumer evening.  How about tweeting small details to tempt and tease potential clients.


  1. Include photos and links to your event pages and web site. 
  2. Ask people to re-tweet to gain momentum immediately.
  3. Consider using a media calendar to plan your tweet strategy and timing

Twitter’s search capability grows infinitely when you include a # (hashtag).  You can start your own # simply by beginning to use whatever word you’d like to describe your event and then using other common # to increase your visibility.  Let’s use the Thai music example, you could create a hashtag #thailand, #thaimusic, #thaitourism.  This idea will draw people passionate about this topic to your event page while garnering you new clients on your tour to Thailand.

Advanced tip:  If your event is large enough you may want to start a new Twitter account just for the event.  Think about the NTA Convention (#NTA2010).  This will allow you to amass passionate followers and generate conversations.  From here you may want to consider a live Twitter feed being shown on a large screen during your event.

What strategies have you used to market your tourism events? 

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