2 key tips to Create an Audio Recording of your Blog

Engage your clients and uncover new readers.  Have you ever thought about repurposing your hard working blog posts into audio recordings?  You’ve spent all that time writing your blog, why not extend the life and reach of your work.

Don’t worry, the technology part is fairly straightforward so we’ll just jump right in.

Audio Podcast

Audio Podcast

Create an audio podcast Have you considered recording your blog posts and creating an .mp3 file?  This is a sure way to capture attention using a different channel of communication.  Listeners can download your blog post and listen in their car, at the gym or when planning their next trip. Plus they can share it with friends giving you another sales person on your force.

There are a variety of tools you can use to record and house your podcasts. Check out Audacity.com to record or use a digital recorder.  To house your recordings you can create a channel on i-tunes or use a free service like podomatic.com.

For more info check out my blog post or audio podcast created specifically for travel & tourism pros.  You may also want to explore the features of your smartphone and test the quality before you post.

Bonus tip: How about creating an audio interview and then embedding it into your blog post.    You can interview your favourite supplier or an ecstatic client.  With their permission, embed the interview into a blog post about the destination.

I challenge you to get as creative as possible with your social communication.  What will you do today to make this happen?

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