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Pinterest is taking our industry by storm!

Booming thunder, white lightning, the whole shebang!Are your photos like that lightning storm?  Do they throw viewers back in their seat in awe?

Are your photo descriptions like thunder leaving readers amazed and thrilled?

Be a part of this powerful storm!  Be a driving force that compels clients to book with you!

Here are a couple of cool new tools that increase your storm power by showcasing your professionalism and increasing the virality of your photos and posts.

Virality is dependent on capturing attention and enticing other Pinners to view and then share your photos.  See the infographic at the end of this post.  Now let’s explore how this whirlwind can shake up your travel and tourism marketing.

Tool #1 iPiccy

iPiccy is a free editing tool that’s so easy to use. Edit pictures, apply beautiful photo effects, add text and even paint!

Here’s what you can do to add interest and share-ability to your photos.


How about adding a collage like this to your next newsletter or e-zine?  Think about what you can do with your blog posts? A variety of collage designs are available along with a variety of tools to change color, hue, contrast as well as the borders.

Travel agents; this is a chance to leverage your last fam trip and showcase your expertise in a unique look.

Tour Operators; consider showing potential tour members the experiences they’ll have on your next group departure.

Hotels; leverage those great lobby, guest room and meeting space photos from your website.  Are you interested in drawing in more group or wedding business?  Pull together a collage of your event space fully decorated.

Utah Collage - iPiccy

Adding text is easy.

Choose the text tool and insert the name of the featured destination, tour name, website address, inspirational quote.  The possibilities are endless. 

TIP:  If you choose to use images that you’ve purchased from an on-line gallery or a supplier gallery, please check the guidelines on making changes like these to the images. The safest route is to use your own photos.

Tool #2 PicMonkey

Check out this free tool to edit your images and resize them to fit your social sites and marketing pieces.  You’ll find a bit more flexibility and creativity in creation tools here.


With a wide selection of choices you’re sure to be able to create memorable graphics for newsletters, e-mail blasts and promotional materials.

Photo effects and Text

Adding effects like softening, edge effects, sepia as well as artsy and different camera looks and colors are also available and easy to use.   I found the text tool had more flexibility that other image tools as you can change the font, color and boldness.

Travel agents; imagine using this to promote your next group departure.  Adding words will increase the virality of this photo on Pinterest.  (see infographic for stats)

Tour Operators; how about teasing your clients with a photo of an upcoming, still unannounced destination then incorporating these ideas into your next blog post.

 Hotels;  how about giving fans a sneak preview of your newly renovated rooms or lobby using these softening tools.

Overlays, Texture and touch ups are also available.  Think of the possibilities to create stunning images that will be shared by your Pinterest and Facebook fans.

Resize can be used to create long pins that will stand out on your boards. This option will lengthen your photos to 4500 for tons of visual appeal. Research has shown that long pins are shared more often.

Tip:  These tools can be used to enhance your presence socially.  Use these tools and try this:


  1. Change your cover photo,
  2. add to your photo albums,
  3. post an inspirational quote using one of your travel photos.


  1. Add text to your photos to promote a destination, add special effects to capture attention.
  2. Use the resize tool to create beautiful long pins.
  3. Make sure that all of your pins include a description as well as a link to your website or Facebook page for more information and booking opportunities.

E-Blasts and e-zines:

  1. Include eye-catching effects that will make your photos POP,
  2. create collages of the tour you’re promoting,
  3. add text to the photo to draw attention

Blog posts:

  1. Use the overlays to highlight a specific feature or benefit,
  2. add texture to create interest.

Powerpoint presentations:

  1. Create more intrigue by using the photo frames
  2. Use sharpening/softening tools to focus on your topic.

As travel & tourism pros we constantly strive to engage, enlighten and entertain with compelling content.  These tools create a tempest of virality!  Leverage your assets and be remarkable in the eyes of clients and potential clients.

What tools do you use to edit your images?


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