2 Pinterest Image Tools for Travel Professionals: Collages and Infographics

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Have you ever scrolled down your Pinterest feed and had a long, tall image catch your eye? It’s not uncommon – they take up prime real estate!  But the numbers don’t lie: images with an aspect ratio between 2:3 and 4:5 get MORE re-pins than very tall images do! That is to say, images that are both tall and have a decent width get noticed more.

(Source: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/pinterest-data-get-more-repins)


Here are two ways you can power up your pins and keep clients’ eyes glued to your Pinterest boards.

1 – Create Long Pins Using PicMonkey

We’re crazy about PicMonkey and there’s a good reason why: it’s super versatile.

You can create a tall image to pin yourself by putting together two of your own photos into a collage-type image.

Step 1:

Head to PicMonkey. You will notice a task bar across the top of the page.

picmonkey header

Step 2:

Select “Collage” from the list of options.

picmonkey collage pick

Step 3:

Within the Collage tool, you can upload photos directly from your computer, or from the sample images online. It’s recommended you use your own photos as they showcase your uniqueness.  Plus, stock photos don’t help your SEO like your own photos will.

picmonkey open file

Step 4:

Insert your images into the template by clicking and dragging them to the desired spots

picmonkey insert images

Step 5:

Save your image to your computer, then upload it to your Pinterest board.

picmonkey save image

Voila!  Pin Perfect!  PinFabulous!

world w books

**Advanced Tip:

Once you’ve finished your collage, select “Edit” from the menu in the Save screen, and you will be able to add more cool perks to your pic!  Notice the overlay, frame and filters and how that adds pizazz.

finished collage

Tour Operators: Consider using the collage tool to create a pin showcasing different aspects of a specific tour, a highlight reel in photo version!

Destinations: Use a collage to show your destination at different points in time: morning to night, or summer to winter.

Travel Planners:  Imagine your clients’ delight when they can see resort, ship, activity or culinary highlights.

2 – Create Your Own Infographics to Share as Pins Online

Infographics are a great way to highlight information by making it fun and exciting. What’s even better is the variety of tools online you can use to make your very own infographics to share.

Infogr.am  This site offers a multitude of templates for free. It is user friendly and great for beginners.

Easel.ly  Although this website is in beta, it still packs a punch. 15 free templates are offered for you to work with, as is the option to start your infographic from scratch.

Piktochart  This site boasts that  it is “graphic design for non-designers,” which is music to the ears of anyone trying to boost their social media marketing. This site offers a variety of templates for free, but a paid account is required if you want your infographic free of the Piktochart branding.

Visual.ly  This may be a bit more advanced than the other tools, but it offers a community of talented designers and the work they produce.

If none of these tools resonates with you, consider hiring a graphic designer to create a custom infographic.  The value is that you can fully brand the image to your standards.  If you’d like a recommendation, please let me know as I work with a fabulous designer.  You’ll see her work here.

To help you start building your own, here’s a great guide on how to make every piece of your infographic super!

Size does matter.  See some infographic size guidelines here.

Travel & tourism pros: it’s a perfect time to create an impact with infographics.  Picture this:

  1. Add value for your clients by visually showing your top travel tips
  2. Capitalize on Top 10 lists’ popularity by showing them in pictures
  3. Create tour maps that help your clients envision their next tour with you

Tap into the power of visuals.

Have you shared any infographics on your sites recently?

Over to you, what other tools do you find helpful when putting together infographics?

Written in cooperation with Ruby Murphy

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