2 Quick & Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List

2 quick and easy ways to grow your email list

Have you seen this this staggering, mind-blowing email statistic: For every $1 spent on email, you get $38 back.

Imagine the potential.  Yet, for many marketers the biggest challenge to tapping into the awesome-ness of email is getting enough people to subscribe to your list.  It’s totally a numbers game!  If you only have 19 people on your list, that won’t cut it!

Growing your email list with the right people can be tricky.  Oh, sure, you could buy a list, and many people do.  Yet it’s hard to build a relationship from a stone-cold list.

Imagine being able to grow your e-list with people who really want to get to know you and do business with you?  It’s possible when you start telling your story and inviting people to start getting to know you and your expertise.  Here’s where to start….

#1 — Invite people to an event!

Back in the day we travel & tourism pros hosted ‘wine & cheese’ open houses or travel nights and invited people to attend a live session to learn about a destination or upcoming group tour.  Remember how easy it was to collect contact info simply by giving away a prize at a live event?

Now things have changed, but the strategy is still valuable.  Instead of hosting an in-person event, host a virtual, live stream broadcast and invite people to sign-up in advance.  Not only do you get their contact information– you get to be front and center hosting the live video.  Many consumers perceive this as high-value and high-touch!

A super-easy way to do this is to invite a BDM to go live with you on your favorite social site. Check out the broadcasting tools you’ll need.   Just like the in-person event, you can show video, have a give-away and answer questions from your guests.

Here’s the thing, you’ll need to ramp up your video session to stand out in this crowded space.  So how about doing a cooking demonstration or partnering with a charity to add some zing to your event.


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Livestream Video Broadcast Tools to consider:

Registration tools: To collect people’s email information when they register in advance consider using tools such as:

Live Broadcast Tools:  When planning your live broadcast you’ll likely find that your guest may be in a different city.  Going live from 2 different locations is simple with these tools:

  • StreamYard – broadcast live to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitch
  • BeLive – broadcast live onto Facebook and YouTube
  • How to add a guest to your broadcast

Lighting and microphones:  presenting a professional image is key to growing your business with a live broadcast.  Here’s some gear to consider making a small investment to reap big rewards in video quality.

#2 — Give Something Away! 

That’s right, give people an irresistible freebie, called a lead magnet, that they just HAVE to Have.  So irresistible that they’ll gladly give you their email address in exchange for your Freebie!

Tune in for 3 irresistible lead magnets you can create today as well as a marketing roadmap!

Here’s an in-depth overview of types of popular travel & tourism lead magnets along with some top tools to build your lead magnet.  Don’t miss the marketing roadmap designed to walk thru the steps to get maximum visibility.

No matter your niche market or travel specialty, creating a lead magnet will help grow your business with potential clients.

Now that you have ideas for your lead magnet content, here’s how to promote it and grow your email list.

Lead Magnet Tools to consider:

A lead magnet can come in a variety of formats; infographic, E-book, guide, checklist, video.  Consider which format is most valuable to your unique audience.  Then consider the time, resources and talent you have at your fingertips.

Review the content you’ve produced in the past to see if it can be repurposed into a lead magnet.  For example, perhaps you’ve created a packing guide, destination guide or restaurant guide for past groups.  Can these assets be repurposed into an infographic of e-book? Here’s some other content ideas.

Infographic tools: Creating a snackable, easy to download infographic is easy with these tools. Adding graphics and branding makes infographics memorable and more valuable. Your infographic can take the form of a checklist or guide.

e-book tools:  check out templates available within these platforms. 

  • Designrr.io
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • FlipSnack
  • Canva
  • PowerPoint

So, the long and short of all this?  Skip buying an e-mail list because it won’t get you the right results.  Events and giveaways are tried and true methods that actually work.

Which will you try first?

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