2 Quick Ways to Get in the Social Video Game

Did you know that a 1 minute video is worth 1.8 million words?

Research predicts 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

Yet, so many travel and tourism marketers shy away from video thinking it’s too ‘techy’ or too difficult to learn.  Many travel pros say they just don’t have the time.  Let’s debunk these myths and see how you can jump into that video producer’s seat.

Video from Still Images

Capturing the attention of your social fans gets harder every day. Short, snazzy and snappy movement or animation of any type stands out as fans scroll down their timelines. Think about your own scrolling habits; what stands out for you?  I’ll bet you’re like so many others and video is the winning attention grabber.

Creating your own videos from that stash of photos is quick and easy.  Do you have:

  • Fam trip photos,
  • Cruise ship site inspection photos
  • Destination photos
  • Dining and culinary snaps
  • Event photos; festivals, concerts, etc.
  • Hotel & resort images
  • Photos of yourself with industry executive

I’ll bet you have a million of these types of photos.  Now there are so many tools available to elevate your own images into short, shareable video that there’s every reason in the world to embrace this form of video.

You can simply upload your still images into one of these platforms, select some music and add some transitions and text.  The tool does all the heavy lifting for you, creating a slick video in the time it takes to say “Cool Video”.

Video Tools

Here are a couple more of my favorite tools.

Conquer Video with your Own Content

Imagine the video possibilities when you’re on a site inspection or want to pass along some vital travel tip or captivating message to your clients, fans, and potential new brand advocates.

On your next site inspection simply capture a short video of a guest room, pool area or iconic site.  Say a couple of words from the background and add some text overlays. Waa Laa!  You have a video to post socially, embed into a blog or share via email.

We all have dozens of travel tips and trivia that we’ve learned over the years.  How about sharing them on live video?  Simply set up your video camera or phone in your office and create a short 20-60 second video of each of those tips.  The magic happens when you then embed that video into a blog post and elaborate a bit more about the tip you used in your video.

Turning the camera on ourselves can be scary, yet so powerful and so easy!

How about leveraging your inner video star with these content ideas:

  • Travel trivia
  • Insider destination knowledge
  • FAQ’s
  • Must See and Must Eat spots

To perk-up these quick videos you may want to use an editing tool to add transitions, text or filters along with your contact information (see tool suggestions above as some also have editing options).

Do you have content from a recent trip that you think would make an enticing video to share with your clients? Let us know your ideas for your next videos 🙂

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