2 Reasons to Involve Social Media Marketing

Did you know that 81% of travellers rely on the opinions of their friends and family when planning a trip?

Did you know that 33% of travellers consult Facebook when planning a trip?

Imagine the numbers of your clients and potential clients that use social networking to learn from their friends and family!

Can you afford not to be a part of these conversations?

Draw a wider audience

The cool thing about a Facebook marketing strategy is that you have a chance to talk not only to your fans, but to their friends as well.  When you keep that perspective in mind you’ll find that you’re able to attract conversations from a wider audience.  From this wider audience you’ll be able to entice potential new clients into the engaging conversations and plant the seeds for new business.

2-Way Conversations

Whether you’re planning your entrance into the world of social media or planning your advanced presence it’s important to draw people into conversations that will bring them closer to the buying process.  Here are a couple of tips for you to engage your fans in a 2-way conversation:

1.   Ask questions.  Use the Polls or Questions app to differentiate these posts.  Ask people questions that invoke emotions.  “What is your finest vacation memory”  “Where was your best meal abroad”  “What’s your most memorable childhood vacation”. 

2.   Put together relevant information and articles

3.   Gather info from a variety of resources.  Make a list of 50 or more resources and then set up Google Alerts for key words.   Begin posting relevant articles and then give your own opinion on each. 

4.  Start a trivia contest revolving around your top selling destination.  This will get people talking and buying.  You may consider giving away a small gift or downloadable item to the winner.  (think coffee card, packing list, destination tips, etc.)

5.  “Where in the World?” is a great way to engage people.  Simply post a photo of yourself in an exciting destination (one you’d like to sell more of) and ask people to guess where it’s taken.  You’ll inspire conversation when you then ask for favorite memories of this destination. 

For more information, check out travel industry publications,  blogs and on-line articles as there are destination ideas to spark your creativity as well as photos you can use in your own marketing efforts.  Also check my blog posts for tips and techniques to maximize your sales and social media presence.

What is your best tip to engaging clients using Facebook?  Please leave your comments below.

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