2 Savvy Facebook Advertising Strategies

2 Savvy FB Adv strategies

Advertising was long dominated by print and mail ads, but the internet has broadened both horizons and the options for creativity. Take a quick look at Facebook advertising solutions you can use to grab your clients’ attention online.

Advertising on Facebook  

An easy starting point for advertising on Facebook is to ‘Boost’ a post.  This can be done directly from your business page timeline.  Advertisers are offered minimal targeting options, yet it is a solid opportunity to test the waters for novice users.  Some find great success for merely $10/day.

Here’s a basic ‘how-to’ set up a Boost Post on one of your existing Facebook posts.  Minimal targeting is available and is based on demographics.

Tip:  remember to set your budget and target audience.

Boost a post on FB

When you dig into the assets of Facebook advertising you’ll find it’s easy to target by demographic, employment, location and other key elements by using Power Editor, available in Chrome only.

Advertising on Facebook using Power Editor

Here are some advantages of Power Editor:

Advantages of Using Power Editor

This powerful tool supplements regular advertising on Facebook by offering “Custom Audiences” and “Saved Target Audiences” options.

Custom Audiences on Facebook

Tour Operators will find outstanding value in creating “Custom Audiences”.  Consider setting up a custom audience for:

  1. Your past clients who have traveled with you to a specific destinations.
  2. a specific demographic; boomers, those living in specific locales, etc.

You can then have your ads shown only to these select audiences.

Travel Consultants have had success setting up “Custom Audiences” for clients segmented by travel interests.  Consider a list for each of these audiences:

  1. Clients interested in cruising, wine tours or past cruise clients
  2. All-inclusive resort clients or those who have expressed an interest in this form of travel

Custom Audiences are most commonly created by uploading a list of email addresses in the form of a .csv file.  Facebook then searches for members whose email address matches those on your .csv list.  It will create an audience of those matches.  Therefore, if you have a list of 800 email addresses, but only 600 of them have a Facebook personal profile using that exact email address your new Custom Audience will contain only 600 names.

To create a Custom Audience, please see the example below.

Here’s what the dashboard looks like:

Create Custom Audiences from your email

Saved Target Audiences

Destinations and Operators can save time by setting up “Saved Target Audiences”.  You can pre-select by demographic, interest and location targets.  Consider setting up a number of “Saved Target Audiences” each with different variables.

Each of these “Saved Target Audiences” can be used to market different tours.  Consider testing which audience garners the most activity in the form of shares and comments.

The value of a “Saved Target Audience is that when it comes to creating a new ad, half of the work is already done.

Target Audiences within Power Editor

When choosing demographics, consider your own target audience as well as the audience of the destination or chosen supplier.  For example, if you’re marketing a specific coach tour, what is the demographic of that supplier?  If you’re marketing an all-inclusive product, what is the demographic of that resort?   Use this information when selecting your target audience criteria.

Target by Interest

Notice that you can select interests that relate to the type of trip or cruise you’re offering.  Targeting ‘Food and Drink’ will enable you to reach potential travellers for an upcoming culinary tour.  If you have a golf or cycling trip to market, consider targeting those interested in ‘Fitness and Wellness’.

Target Audience Behaviors

When you explore the ‘Planning to Travel’ option you’ll even find it broken down by intended destination.  Imagine being able to target Facebook users who have indicated an intention to travel to the destination you’re marketing.  Where else can you find a targeted audience just waiting for your advertising campaign?

Travel Consultants may find this useful when planning to market the latest supplier specials and promotions.

Target by Connection

When you target by ‘Connection’ you have the power to include or exclude people who are connected to your own page as well as reach friends of connections.  This can be powerful if you’re looking to increase your fan base with people similar to your own audience.

While we are phasing into a ‘Pay to Play’ environment in social media the upside is that it can open the door to a targeted reach that will outperform traditional media ROI.  Leverage these Facebook advertising mediums based on your goals and embrace the future of our industry.

What successes have you had using the advertising options on Facebook?

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