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Do you want to know how many people are really clicking on the links in your e-blasts and blogs? Knowing the relevancy of the information you’re providing is key to engaging your audience and solidifying relationships.  Here are some tools and tips to leverage your marketing efforts.

Link Shorteners

Using a link shortener like Goo.gl or bit.ly gives you an advantage of metrics.  These tools provide you with the number of clicks each link receives.  Other link shorteners include:  TinyUrl, Fur.ly.   Please note that some of these link shorteners also have the option for you to customize your link name and create a QR code.

Tip:  Split test your material by creating 2 shortened links for a single piece of material and test your reach.  For example, use a Goo.gl shortened link to your blog in your e-blast then create a bit.ly shortened link and put into a Facebook post.  Measure which one gives you the most click-thrus per 100 readers.

E-Blast Tools

When sending e-blasts how closely do you study the analytics?  Both Constant Contact and Vertical Response provide stunningly deep metrics that are worth examining.  What I like about Vertical Response is the option to pay as I go.  This gives me flexibility if I don’t send as many e-blasts in one month I’m not responsible for a full monthly rate, only the credits that I use.

Check out what the analytics look like:

I find the details of knowing how many people open each e-mail important as it reflects the relevancy of the content as well as the power of the subject line.

Tip:  Test the time of day you send a blast, measure the open rate based on your subject line and compare the metrics for open rates, click thru rates and open times.  Keep in mind that our industry standard for open rates hover near 16%, with click thrus averaging 12%.  How do you measure up?

Other Noteworthy tools

Radian 6




Viral Heat

TW sentiment @Sentiment 140

Additional Resources:

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You may also find “3 Social Monitoring Tools” useful in your analysis.

These powerful tools will not only help you understand your audience better they are a constant reminder to continue to be relevant and remarkable.

This is merely a sample of the essential tools available to boost your marketing power.

What others do you like to use?


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