2 Tips and 4 Best Practices for Podcasting!

Podcasting for Profit

Podcasting for Profit

In Podcasting for Profit – The first step to Success, we talked about what you need to engage your potential clients and audience through podcasts. Now that you know what equipment to use, you can get started on the audio or video recordings!

Excited?  Here are 2 things to keep in mind.

First, determine the needs of your audience.

Do they need to see you and what you’re offering?  How much detail do they need to make a decision?  What is their level of knowledge of your offering?  This will help you choose the best medium, audio or video.

Second, write your script and record it.

For an audio recording you may want to check out this simple and free downloadable program.  You can play around with it a bit if you’d like to add special sound effects or mix in different types of media such as music or other pre-recorded sounds.

Once you record your podcast on audacity.com you’ll need a spot to house it.  You can store the .mp3file on your computer or sign-up for a free service where you can house all of your podcasts.  A service like podomatic allows you to store all of your podcasts in 1 place.  This will allow your listeners to access your whole library of self-created podcasts. You can also create your own channel on iTunes or house your recordings on your website.

When you’re putting this new technology to use here are a couple of best practices to consider:

  1. Keep it short and concise.  5-10 minutes is perfect.
  2. Speak clearly and look directly into the camera or microphone.  Practice a few times so that you are happy with the results your clients will see.
  3. Be aware of background noise and the view.  I’ve seen many people who record in their office and the space behind them is cluttered or distracting.  Even an audio recording can sound muffled if you’re too far from the microphone or it the dog is barking or traffic is flying by.
  4. Have some fun and get creative.

You’ve got the equipment, you know how and what you want to record but where is this all leading? Check out the audio podcast 2 Ways to Podcast for Profit  for tips and techniques you can add to your recordings!

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