2 Tips to Finding the Time for Social Media

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Getting involved with social media and finding the time to stay on track with your social media marketing strategies may have to involve a change in your focus. For example, think about how much time are you currently spending putting together a printed newsletter, or proofing ads. How much time do you spend working with your printer on a new flyer, and working on the graphics for your latest flat sheet? Have you considered spending this time on digital marketing efforts?

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Consider which of your team may be most valuable to you in this new media role.  Is there someone who’s brilliant at writing copy?  Who in your office composes the best customer service letter?  You may consider working with them to design your strategy, brainstorm your content and develop a time frame to implement this new form of conversation.  In addition, there are specialty firms that will start up and maintain your social media sites for you.


Eventually you’ll be able to scan your social media sites, respond to messages and build new content in about 1-2 hours per week.  This is the average most users in our industry spend on social media.  Granted, at the start you’ll spend more time learning and getting used to the new systems.

Here’s a hint: carve out time each day to work on your social media endeavor.

As tourism professionals, can we afford not to be a part of these conversations?  These conversations are already taking place and when we’re involved we’re adding value for our clients and discovering opportunities.

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Catherine Heeg is an international speaker and trainer in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Social Media Marketing….know you need it.  NO time!  Here’s the solution for you!  We’ll set up and/or maintain your social sites for you.  This gives you time to be brilliant in your own work!

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