2 tips to using Facebook Events. Get the Word Out!

As tourism professional we’re always looking for time-saving yet effective ways to promote our events.

Don’t we all want to fill tours more quickly?

Aren’t you looking for proven, inexpensive tips to market your next hotel special event?

DMO’s, are you looking to generate excitement and attendance at festivals?

There are so many compelling ways to use social media to generate more heads in beds and butts in seats. In a series of blog posts we’ll take a look at a number of platforms and how you can easily implement these techniques. Here we’ll explore Facebook events, then watch for the next post that will dig into LinkedIn events. In a corresponding post we’ll provide some proven strategies to integrate social media promotion with traditional media.

Let’s start with a couple of tips for neophytes; for these ideas to gain critical mass you may want to have 40 or more fans, followers or connections and have a clear understanding where your clients “hang out” in the social media world. For tips to increase your fan base, here are some proven strategies for you.

Facebook Events

This is a great place to start marketing to your current fan base on your business page as well as reaching out to friends of these fans.

First, create an ‘event’ and completely list all the details of your upcoming tour, hotel special event or festival in your destination. (for a step by step guide, please see these screen shots )

Simply click ‘create an event’ in the EVENT tab of your fan page. Then,

  1. Invite and share with fans
  2. See who’s RSVP’d
  3. Connect directly ask them to share the event

Second, consider placing a Facebook ad to draw more attention from your selected demographic.

Advanced tip: If your event is a recurring event (a group series tour to the Rockies, for example then you may consider creating a separate Facebook business page for this event. Then designate this new page as a ‘favorite’ of your current business page and include your company phone and web address in the new ‘info’ tab.

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What other event marketing strategies have worked for you?

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