2 Value-Driven Travel Marketing Trends that Matter Now

2 value-driven travel marketing trends that matter now


Feeling overwhelmed or anxious about the future of travel?

As a Travel & Tourism Pro, you’re not alone.

On the flip side, the pandemic has also brought with it a couple positive trends that will boost your spirits and even your bottom line.  Here’s why professionals like yourself have become even more essential, and how you can capitalize on new marketing opportunities.

Value Insight #1 – Your Value as a Travel Pro Matters

While this isn’t a new trend, it’s even more important now to showcase the value of your services.  Travelers are looking for the assurance of working with a professional who understands their level of travel confidence and works with them to create itineraries that are compatible with their dreams and comfort level.

Key Marketing Takeaway & Social Tactics

  1. If you’ve not already implemented fees for your services, the time is NOW!
  2. If you have fees currently in place, review your fee schedule
  3. Review and re-write your own value statement along with the list of benefits you offer your clients. Get specific.  Define each benefit.  General terms like ‘Great service’ don’t work any longer.
  4. Continue telling stories of how you’ve helped clients thru this turmoil. Showcase your successes thru client testimonials, video and blogging. (Is blogging really worth your time?)

Value Insight #2 – New Travel Marketing Opportunities

While COVID has taken us into some tumultuous times, it is a learning process. It’s a time when we can all evaluate our marketing and selling styles to ensure they’re up to speed with the needs of our client base.  What worked in the past, may not work in the ‘next normal’.


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Key Marketing Takeaway & Social Tactics

  1. Take cues from your suppliers for the right time to transition from aspirational messaging, such as ‘dream now’ campaigns, to actionable messaging inviting people to ‘visit now’.
  2. Stay in touch and build stronger relationships.
    1. Use technology to stay top of mind. Consider offering virtual vacations, informational webinars, and live chat.
  3. Encourage client conversations. Call your clients to check in and understand their feelings on future travel.
    1. Use social tools to book appointments. Check out Calendly and other top appointment tools.
    2. Use voice memos rather than texting
    3. Email short personalized videos. Check out Loom for easy recording and emailing.
  4. Position yourself as a source of up to date information
    1. Write about new contact-less travel
      1. Facial and iris scanning
      2. Contactless bag check & payment systems
      3. New hotel check-in processes that include robots
      4. How to use your phone for check-in procedures
    2. Focus on story-telling as the highlight of your marketing

2 trends in travel marketing

The Travel & Tourism industry is seeing massive changes but one thing remains the same – people’s desire to travel.  Keeping up to date on the latest travel trends will help your travel biz adapt and succeed in our ‘new normal’.

What other new trends have you noticed?

How will you help your clients create their custom dream vacation today?

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