2017: Which Social Marketing Tactics to Banish?

which-social-marketing-tactics-to-banishThe New Year is a great time to set new goals and vow to banish bad old habits. So, what bad social media habits need to be kicked to the curb for 2017? This list pretty well covers it!

Banish these social marketing blunders!

Keeping up with social marketing trends, tactics and travails is hard enough. So why not spend your time where you’ll get more value and let some other things go.

(1) Too many # (hashtags)

Do you ever see posts that you can’t find the content because of all the hashtags?

Tip:  Keeping your # use to 1-3 per post is best.

Taunya Wolfe Finn of Wolf Adventure & Tours found “when I sent (hashtags) to folks to use on tour, they never got used. So probably won’t worry so much about hashtags for groups.”

(2) Size Doesn’t Matter

We all know photo sizes and graphic image sizes do matter.  Image sizing can make a huge difference in how many ‘Likes & shares’ your content receives.  And as we know, a share is worth many more eyeballs than a ‘like’ or no action at all.

Right sizing is explained here in an easy to digest graphic. And more choices.

I see so many social posts that include great images, but they don’t maximize the available real estate.  Try taking your photos as ‘landscape’ rather than ‘portrait’ and give yourself the gift of cropping and getting the right size for the social platform.

(3) Missing out on Video

Denying video importance is a common mistake and you’ll want to banish it as soon as possible.  The popularity and extra reach and engagement you’ll get from video is unbelievable.  The remarkable feature of video is that it can be showcased on a variety of platforms.  While it may take a bit longer to produce, you can easily use your video on so many social platforms;

Consider the value of creating video on these platforms;

  • SnapChat
  • Periscope
  • Meerkat
  • Facebook Live

More video tactics here.  Don’t forget to embed video into your blog posts.

(4) Trying to be active on every social site

Part of a joint study with NTA, myself and George Washington University found the 3 most popular social platforms for NTA members are Facebook, Twitter and You-Tube.  With this in mind, you can also survey your clients to learn where they hang out socially.  Then leverage this knowledge and join your clients on the sites they frequent.

Taunya Wolf Finn of Wolf Adventure & Tours says “I will stop worrying about the fact that I don’t do all the social media venues. Doing it all is hard when you’re a small business.”

Patti Culp of the Alabama Travel Council indicates that they’re going to add Twitter into the mix in 2017.


Being More Social


Jenn Lum Lee of Main Street Experiences sums it up really well:  “It’s more about engaging than selling.”

With this in mind, the 1 in 4 Rule comes into play.  One in 4 posts can be something ‘sales-ey’, while the rest are informational or inspirational.

Social marketing is relationship building and brand awareness at its finest.  Keeping the “social” in social marketing is the foundation of a successful strategy.

What will you keep in your strategy in 2017? Which will you banish?

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