25 Types of Social Content to use During the Sales Journey

25 types of social content to use during the sales journey

Are you finding that your phone is ringing again?

Do your clients have the itch to get back out there?

Would you love to start bringing on new staff?

If you’re finding that life is starting to turn over a new leaf; including an enthusiasm for post-pandemic in-person meetings, group tours and travel shows, now’s the time to create the right tools and content for this new era.

Whether you’re planning your next sales mission, NTA materials or preparing to pitch some new tours to group leaders, you may want to consider re-vamping your social marketing collateral or jazzing up your presentations so that you wow and win new clients.

Nurturing relationships and enhancing communication is the #1 reason to create new content.  Yet many savvy marketers aren’t sure what types of content appeals to prospects and clients during the steps of the sales journey.  Many marketers make the mistake of creating and dripping out the wrong content at the wrong time.

Don’t go down that road!  Here’s a roadmap to navigate content creation and repurposing.

Sales Journey

Let’s explore the sales journey and dive into the types of content that works at each step of the way.  This will pave the way for a straighter path to recovery success.

  1. Awareness – In this step a prospect (pied piper, student group planner, church group planner) is becoming aware of a problem/opportunity. They realize they need to plan group travel post-pandemic as their clients are ready to travel again.
  2. Consideration – This step finds the prospect considering how to plan/book/execute a group tour.
  3. Decision – Here the prospect is researching tour operators; short listing and meeting with them.

By creating content for each step of the sales journey, you’re ensuring that prospects don’t fall thru the cracks or get overwhelmed.  When these prospects see the right content at the right step of their journey, they’ll feel you’re speaking directly to them and meeting their unique needs along the way. Content creation is a powerful strategy to nurture the relationship.

When you ace this you’ll be turning the road to more bookings from a long and winding road, to one that’s shorter and smoother.


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Social Media Content Types

Here’s a guide to the best content formats for each stage of the prospects buying journey.  Consider creating different formats so that your content will appeal to the wide variety of ways to consume content.  Many people like bite-sized chunks of information, some like to listen or watch, while others like to read.

  • Awareness: During this introductory stage content helps a buyer understand how your business can help them.
    • Best Content Types: Blog Post, Checklist, Tip Sheet, Infographic, E-book, Game, Quiz, Local newspaper article, Animated video, Explainer video, E-mail, Newsletter, live audio rooms.  In a previous article we talked about tactics to grow your email list.
  • Consideration: At this stage the content positions your business as a leader in the industry. Buyers may be considering multiple travel advisors and need to know your business is the right option for their travel needs.
    • Best Content Types: Podcast, Video of past group tours & testimonials, Video Slideshow, Webinar, Checklist, Comparison Matrix.
  • Decision: Content for this stage showcases your unique way to meet the prospects unique needs.
    • Best Content Types: Tour catalog, personal consultation, planning meeting, group tour event, travel show, live video, voice-over custom slideshow video.

Social Media Content to Close the Sale

Cool Tools

Tapping into the right tools can be tricky as there are so many choices out there.

Here’s a chart showing the type of content savvy travel marketers create (and repurpose) and some top tools to make it easy and effective.

Time Saving Tactics

With all these options for content how can you save some time pulling all this together?

The first step is to analyze and catalog the content you’ve created in the past.

The second step is to get creative and see how you can repurpose, rejig or recycle it into an up-to-date style that meets the needs of buyers in this new era.

Seeing our clients itching to get back to traveling as the world slowly settles into a new normal is so exciting!  Creating the right type of content will help you effectively connect with your clients and prospects.  With these tips in mind, you’ll quickly begin converting leads and your clients will be happily jetting off to new destinations.

Which type of content will you start creating or repurposing first?

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