3 Blog Tactics to Make Writing Easier

Blogging for Travel Pros

Summer is the perfect time to bask in the sun and Blog!  Ok, I know many of you don’t envision lazy days by the pool with your lap top.

Yet imagine the blogs you can crank out about your top-selling destinations while working on your tan.  This will be your best time to write a series of blog posts that you can schedule to roll out during the busy fall season.  Think about paying it forward and banking more bookings!

Keep it Simple!

Research shows that the most-read blogs are 200-400 words and include photos and/or video.  Consider searching your own photo library or that of your top suppliers and writing a post about each of your top selling destinations.  Focus on events, activities, food or sites in each destination and make each of these topics into a blog post.  Upload your photos or video and you have an enticing blog.

Travel Consultants:  For example, let’s say you’re a cruise specialist; one post may focus on the activities available on your top selling cruise ship.  The next blog post may focus on the culinary & wine classes available on your top selling cruise line.  Next may be the value of traveling as a multi-generational group and the benefits offered by your top selling cruise line.

Tour Operators:  This series style of writing lends itself perfectly to the group tour market.  Each blog post will focus on a different destination in your top selling group departure.  Let’s say your upcoming tour includes New York, your first blog can focus on the museums the group will see.  Next post can cover the history of the ‘Great White Way’ and showcase the plays included in your tour.

Advanced Blog Tactics

To ramp this up a notch, put together a SlideShare presentation focusing on your best photos.  Or use a tool like SlideRocket or Animoto to boost the excitement factor.  These tools will take your blog from wonderful to WOW!  Here are some examples of the power of these tools.  These tools provide you with a link so that you can post to your social sites; Facebook LOVES links, Twitter, Google+ and even Pinterest.  Plus you can insert this info into your next e-blast.

Writing Skills Update

Many travel pros think they’re not good writers.  Guess what, here’s a trick to create blogs without too much writing.  Create your blog as a photo or video blog.  Simply upload your favorite photos to your blog and write a brief description of each photo.  Photo blog, DONE!

These summer writing tactics will make your next afternoon by the pool fun and productive!

What writing tactics do you use to ramp up your writing?

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By Catherine Heeg

About the author, Catherine J. Heeg

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