3 Examples of Remarkable Service

I’ve been in many airplanes, hotels and restaurants lately traveling to conferences and commuting to Houston.  It seems that the service I’ve been getting has taken a turn from mediocre to remarkable.

Picture this, a sedan car driver asking what type of music I’d like to listen to.  Another driver that provided U.S. customs forms and a pen in the back seat.  That’s remarkable!

Shopping at a major designer discount store in Washington, DC a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t expecting great service…only great prices.  Well, I got both!  As I was looking at a beautiful yellow sweater a clerk who was restocking the racks smiled and asked if I had seen that sweater on the Oprah show.  She went on to enthusiastically explain how the show featured this exact sweater; she talked about the designer and then told me how this sweater has been flying off the shelves after that endorsement.  Remarkable!

While dining at a restaurant recommended by a hotel concierge, the chef came out to chat and thank us for taking the time to experience his restaurant.  Remarkable!

What are you doing to provide remarkable service for your clients?  What things can you do to stand apart from the crowd?

Seth Godin, in his book “Purple Cow” provides enlightening insight on being remarkable in any industry.  I believe that in the travel and tourism industry we have an exceptional number of opportunities to be remarkable.  In this economic situation, what’s stopping us from being #1 in our clients minds?

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