3 Facebook Questions and Answers

Knowledge without action is like no knowledge at all. The purpose of this blog entry is to help you build your social media knowledge by enabling you to find out what your social media needs are, and by providing answers and resources for you. Throughout the various workshops and marketing sessions I have put on, I have heard some great questions. I will answer a number of these questions here.

How do I eliminate ads from my Facebook business page?

This great question came out during a panel discussion at NTA. When you set up your business profile as a business page, not a personal profile, ads will not appear on the right side of your page. Taking this one step further, I found that when you initially designate your business as a ‘brand, product or organization’ during the set up stage, the above remains true. If you initially set up your business page as a ‘local business’, random ads will still appear on the page.

How does Facebook determine who sees my ad?

Facebook has some of the best targeting methods for advertisers. When a person develops their personal profile they have the opportunity to list their hobbies, their business, and personal affiliations. To gain further insight, Facebook scans the pages that a person ‘likes’, scans groups they belong to, and scans for key words in conversations. When you choose the demographics for your business ad, Facebook determines for whom that ad will be most relevant.

For example, the person who likes cruising, reading and listening to classical music will be shown your ads if you’ve selected those characteristics as those of the target audience you’d like to reach. On the other hand, if you’ve indicated you’d like people to see your ads that are classical rock fans, love extreme mountain biking and talk about racing cars, then guess what? These two different people will probably never see the same ads. That’s the beauty of such targeted advertising.

How do I keep my personal friends separate from my work associates on Facebook?

This is a great question that dogs many people when managing their personal profiles on Facebook. The answer is deceptively simple: you can set up two profiles. One profile can be called “Susie at work Smith”, the other “Susie at home Smith”. This makes is easy to add people as friends and post things that will resonate with each group.

Another option to consider is using LinkedIn for communicating with colleagues.  By joining groups on LinkedIn you can keep your connections, as well as group members, apprised of your activities and achievements.

Can our business’ mascot have a social media presence?

Absolutely! Check out the Banff Crasher Squirrel. This marketing phenomenon has an e-mail address, a Twitter feed, and a personal Facebook page.

This is a great idea for a destination mascot, a hotel resident dog or cat, or even a digital waiter or attraction concierge. Think of the possibilities of interacting with your clients through a pseudo personality like this.

These questions are merely a drop in the ocean of great questions that surfaced during my workshops. Please let me know what other questions you have and I will continue to answer them in my column in Courier magazine and through audio podcasts.

What other questions are lurking in your mind?

Let’s keep the conversation going.  Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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