3 Fool-proof Formulas for Creative Blogs – Intermediate level

Are you looking to make a break thru in your blogging reach?

Have your creative writing skills taken a vacation?

Do you need a jolt of inspiration for your next blog post?

Here are some intermediate level ideas to provide you with content for your next blog post.  These strategies will help you focus on providing unique value to your readers with innovative interviewing tactics.

The inside scoop is intriguing to people!  Wouldn’t you love to know those insider secrets that not everyone is privy to?  As a travel pro you have access to hotel general managers, your tour company and destination sales managers, cruise line personnel both on board and on land.  Maximize your professional relationships and you’ll have the basis to create material to WOW your clients.

Intermediate Blog Content

As you advance in your writing style and get to know your audience here are some more ways to generate a compelling blog post.  Focus on:

Insider tips & information

  • •Review hot new restaurants in your top destinations
  • •What’s cooking in the kitchen of your favorite resort
  • •Does your favorite cruise ship or resort offer a new activity?  Zip-lining, wine pairing?
    • •Try it out!  Then photograph and write about it.
  • •Does your favorite ski or golf resort have new features; ski lift, practice area?
    • •Photograph yourself and write about your experience
  • •Search out the blogs by ship captains of your top selling cruise line
    • •Add your thoughts and comments and incorporate it into your own blog post

Behind the scenes secrets

  • •Research funky new hotel openings in your top destination
    • •Connect with the General Manager or Director Of Sales
    • •Interview them and create a blog
    • •Feature photos that are provided to you or that you’ve taken yourself.
      • •Include a photo of you with the person you’ve interviewed
  • •Is there a unique attraction in a top selling city?  How about a new Museum exhibit or new festival?
    • •Connect with the CVB and gather info and photos/videos

Personal Interviews

  • •Interview and write an article about a top chef in your favorite restaurant, cruise ship or resort
  • •Interview experts to create a “Day in the Life” series.  Consider these celebrities:
    • •Ship board staff—Captain, kids club director
    • •Chef in a resort or top hotel
    • •Travel Pro – award winning tour operator or destination manager
    • •Interview & record a conversation with your favorite District Sales Manager

There are so many creative ideas for you to explore.  Make the time to fire-up your imagination so that you can create remarkable blogs that will persuade your clients to book with you.

What is your favorite resource for blog content ideas?

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