3 FREE Ways to Fire Up your Social Marketing

3 Free Ways to Fire Up your SM

Are you looking for a little help growing your social fan base?

Do you want more ‘perfect’ clients to know about your social presence?

Promoting your social sites doesn’t mean you have to break into your piggy bank. Here are some FREE ways to market your social sites.

Tip #1 – PS…I love you!

Include a PS into your email signature telling people what they’ll learn and how they’ll benefit when they follow your social sites.

Maybe you say something like this:

Check out the latest travel tips! ‘Like’ my Facebook page and learn the inside scoop on destinations, cruises and _______________ (fill in the blank with your specialty)

(Create a hyperlink for your page that leads the reader to your chosen social site.  Capture the URL from your social site to create the hyperlink.  Here’s a guide: How to Create a Hyperlink.)

Bonus Tip: Change your email signature message every week telling readers about your weekly theme of social posts.

How about saying something like this:

Are you interested in the latest travel tips? This week we’re talkin’ cruisin’. I’d love to hear about your bucket list of cruise ports. Follow me on _____!

Here’s what it can look like:

do your social marketing photos pop - Fig 1

   Figure 1 – Let people know WHY they want to follow you socially.

Tip #2 – Video is Valuable

Create a short video inviting people to follow your social posts and telling them what they’ll learn when they follow you.  Check out this video below for other cool ideas.

Tip #3 – Professional Showcase

Your clients and potential new clients NEED to know about your expertise.  Yet you don’t want to brag or toot your own horn too often.  How about a subtle way to let people know that you know your stuff?

Try this:

  • Create a Pinterest board and fill it with all of your certifications and awards. It’s really simple to snap a photo of each of your professional awards and certifications and upload to a board on Pinterest.  Have fun getting creative with the board names.   Here’s an example from our friend Lisa Sheldon at I Do Island Weddings


Figure 2-Add a Pinterest board with your professional certifications

   Figure 2-Add a Pinterest board with your professional certifications

  • Each time you earn a new certification post it on Twitter. Again, take a snapshot and create a tweet thanking the supplier and inviting people to call you.
  • Is your next blog post going to be all about a hot destination or ship? At the bottom of the blog post include a photo of the award or certification that’s related to this destination or ship. Such a simple way to subtly let people know you’re an expert.

Social marketing is an extraordinary way to elevate your marketing presence.  These simple tips only take a short bit of time and you’ll find the rewards boundless.

Need more social marketing tips?  Follow along on my social sites to learn more about marketing your social presence.

What simple tips do you use to fire-up your social marketing?

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