3 Leadership Tips for Travel Pros

As a tourism leader who are you really leading?  Employees?  Clients?  Suppliers?

In today’s world truly successful leaders are needed more than ever.  Leaders are expected to lead in unique ways that didn’t exist a couple of years ago.  Who would have ever imagined that Captains of industry would be tweeting and blogging?  (Who anticipated the influence of Twitter and blogging even 5 years ago?)  To get a glimpse of what some forward thinking leaders are doing and thinking, check out the Twitter feed of Zappos.com’s CEO, http://twitter.com/zappos and Holland Americas ship captains’ blog posts, http://www.bestblogsatsea.com/

Here are 3 quick techniques that may have become overlooked in the speed of the moment.

  1. Are you embracing change or status quo?
  2. How curious and teachable are you?
  3. Do you challenge your team to challenge you?


Successful leaders realize that by embracing change they are on the road to ensuring their company’s continuing success.

Unsuccessful leaders want to maintain the status quo and keep things running along just as they always have.  Do these leaders lack courage, curiosity or chutzpah?

The leaders of tomorrow will constantly look for results, not merely actions.  They will realize that the travel & tourism industry is constantly changing direction due to consumer needs and demographics.  What results do you want to achieve?

Are you constantly looking for new destinations to offer your groups?  Do you want to grow your client base with a new demographic, but continue to market in the same way as you always have?

Curious & teachable

Successful leaders seek out experts in other fields, converse with new staff and continually seek to learn.  When someone mentions a new idea, how do you react?  Is curiosity your first emotion?

Unsuccessful leaders stay in their office and hark back to what worked in the past.

The leaders of tomorrow will be actively learning.  Their teams will be drawn together by mutual opportunities to teach, learn and follow.

As a corporate executive are you seeking ideas and advice from your newest employees?  Are you open to asking your suppliers how they would envision their product being marketed?  How open are you to really listening to what your clients are saying…and not saying?

A Challenge for you

Do you challenge your people to speak their minds, oppose your ideas and openly converse?  Successful leaders welcome seeing the world from a different perspective.

The leaders of tomorrow will continually seek to have their ideas and perspectives challenged as they grow their companies to meet the demands of new sets of clients.

As a tourism pro, when was the last time you had a heated discussion on your product offerings?  When was the last staff meeting you can remember where the discussion engaged and was challenged with differing opinions on your marketing efforts?

What’s your mindset on these 3 topics?  Most of us fall somewhere on a continuum of excellence.  This week I’m going to strive to be as curious as possible.  What will you do differently?

Connect with me …..Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.  If you find these tips and techniques helpful, please pass them along to colleagues and other travel pros.  Thanks.

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