3 Must-Do Social Marketing Tips

3 Must Do Social Marketing Tips

Question:  What do the travel industry and social media marketing have in common?

Answer: They both evolve and adapt at a dizzying speed!

The social marketing strategies that we used last year (or even last month!) may no longer be relevant or effective because of new trends or technologies.  Fortunately, one thing hasn’t changed; your clients still LOVE to travel and want to give you their business.

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Don’t get left behind in the ‘olden days of yore’.  Keep your social strategy sharp by getting on-board with these new marketing features.


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#1 – Social Ads

Social advertising is getting far more targeted and precise!  You can now reach people who have watched your videos or interacted with your business page in any fashion; page engagement, video views, website traffic and even offline activity.

Audience Options

Figure 1 – Facebook & Instagram Audience options

If you take this up a notch and create a look alike audience from one of your existing audiences you can even select how close of a match you’d like for your new look alike audience.  Turn lookers into bookers with this Audience info here.

Not sure how this works for Instagram?  Tune in below….

#2 – Pixel Perfect

These features work best when you have your Facebook pixel set up and installed on your website.  This pixel (a snippet of code) helps track your Facebook and web visitors and gives you options to reach out again to these people.   Pixel pointers & video here.

#3 – Business Manager Works

All this works only if you have your ad account switched over to Business Manager (yes, you used to be able to access all these nuggets of gold from your Ads Manager account, but that’s changed).  Setting up your Business Manager account may look a bit tricky, but in reality it’s pretty easy.  Here’s the 2 best guides I’ve found to make the switch.

Set-up Guide & Tips Here:

Targeting and tracking your ideal audience using these tools will yield impressive results with surprisingly little effort. Once you have your Business Manager account set up then you’re off to the races! Creating ads has never been as creative as now.

Have you set-up your pixel audience yet?

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