3 Secrets to Simplify Blog Writing

Do you hate to write, but know you need to blog?

Does blog writing always fall so low on your list of priorities that it’s just above cleaning your office?

Guess what, with these tips you don’t really need to write…much.

Great Blog Content

Would you love to have great articles you can refer people to when they’re asking about a destination?

Would you love to have a secret SEO weapon to catapult your company in an organic search?

Blogging and adding video into it is that secret weapon.

Here’s some content ideas to help you fuel your creativity.

Video Interview

  • Tip #1 – Do a video interview and embed it into a blog post.

Your own travels and fam trips can provide you with enough content to keep you busy for a very long time. How about interviewing the:

  1. General Manager of the hotel
  2. Cruise Director
  3. Chef or Head waiter
  4. Concierge
  5. Sales director
  6. Tour Guide
  7. Mixologist

Not traveling much? You still have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips that can provide compelling video content. How about interviewing your:

  1. Favorite BDM
  2. A top client
  3. Another travel pro. Consider doing a Q&A session with someone who has a different specialty than yours.  You can both use the video and cross-promote to each of your target markets.

Photo Blog

  • Tip #2 – Create a photo blog. It’s simply a couple of photos with captions that tell the story.

What an easy way to capitalize on your own travel journal and all those photos you take on every trip.  Simply re-work your travel notes into a short blog post and incorporate your photos and short videos.

Not traveling much?  Tap into the fabulous photos provided by your suppliers and DMO’s.  Make sure you have the right to use the images in a blog article, then pull together 3-5 images.  Write your story of the images and experiences.  Add captions to each photo.  Write a short opening paragraph, closing paragraph and you’re done! 200-400 words is all it takes.  Easy!

Want to add even more pizzazz to your photos.  Combine photos into a video slideshow.  It’s quick and easy using tools like:

  • Animoto
  • Flip A Gram
  • Adobe Spark
  • Movie Maker
  • iMovie
  • Smile Box

Client Questions

Your clients are a gold mine for possible blog topics.  Think about all the questions they ask and craft a blog post answering each of them.

  • Tip #3 – Check the video below for other compellingly easy content ideas

This week when you sit down to blog you won’t need to stare at your screen as you have a list of killer content ideas right here.  Plus, with the sharing secrets we talked about in the video you’ll have winning content for your other social sites.

Content is King!  Tap into your creativity today.

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