3 Simple Ways to Reach the Honeymoon Travel Niche Market

3 simple ways to reach the honeymoon travel niche market

Quick question—which social site maxes-out their video posts at only 2 minutes & 20 seconds?  If you said Twitter you’re right.   But who really cares much about Twitter these days?

Savvy advertisers are using Twitter to reach a demographic that’s not always accessible on other social sites.  Men!

Twitter Demographics

Men between 25 and 34 years of age are the largest Twitter age demographic (19%).  Does this demographic fit your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding niche?

Of course, that’s not the only demographic active on Twitter.  Tune in for another hot travel niche market that’s easy to reach using Twitter ads.

Retargeting with Twitter Ads

Once a Twitter user has started a relationship with you by clicking from a tweet and visiting your website you can start a remarketing ad campaign to reach back out to them.

Think of it this way, it’s similar to creating Facebook ad audiences of people who have interacted with your page.  However, with Twitter you have only 3 options for custom ad audiences;

  1. Website activity; remarket by targeting people who have visited your website. A ‘website tag’ needs to be created and installed onto your website.
  2. Email list; upload a client email list. This only works when people on your email list have used the same email address on their Twitter account.
  3. App activity; this ad audiences targets viewers who have taken action on your mobile app.

These custom ad audiences are easy to set-up and use in a marketing campaign.

When you’re ready to ramp up travel recovery, gain traction on Twitter with these tips.

What will you advertise next on Twitter?

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