3 Social Monitoring Tools

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Want to know what’s being said about your company, destination, top supplier or hotel?  These tools are great for listening in from the outside—being that mouse in the corner.  With the information you learn you’ll be able to adjust your marketing, customer service or products.

Social Mention

Discover the sentiment that your company generates across the social spectrum. You’ll find information based on 4 categories providing insight into key areas of engagement.  Plus you’ll be able to see who’s talking about you and in what medium.  It’s a great way to get your arms around customer service as well as sales opportunitites.

DMO’s and CVB’s:  Destinations can use this to track what’s being said about their destination and/or partners of their organization.  You can check out your advocates and engage them in conversations and other opportunities.  How about connecting with these advocates and entering into a blogging agreement with them or having them contribute to your Pinterest boards?

Travel Agents:  This is the perfect opportunity to learn what’s being said about your top suppliers so that you can be on the cutting edge in your blog posts and your sales efforts.

Hotels: Sales teams love Social Mention as a way to keep up with client conversations across the social spectrum.

Here’s how it looks:

Scrolling down you’ll find top Keywords, Hashtags, Users and Sources.  This will give you a glimpse into how people are searching for this company or product and then you can incorporate these findings into your own marketing.

Tip:  Leverage the opportunity and join the conversations to develop brand advocates.


Track the sentiment of people talking about your destination, hotel, top supplier or attraction. This tool quantifies comments and gives you a percentage of Neutral, Positive or Negative.

Tip:  Look closely at the context of the comments as I’ve found that one negative word will be ranked as a negative comment when in reality it may be positive.

Google Alerts

This stellar, free site is key to learning what’s being talked about across our world.  Setting up custom alerts gives you the chance to learn what’s being said about your company, destinations, associations you belong, as well as key words that matter to your business.   Automatically receive updates on a daily, weekly or ‘as it happens’ basis.

Here’s how to set this up:

In the search query box enter the company, destination, attraction, hotel group or key words you’d like to receive updates.  You can include key words you generally search.  I’ve set up alerts for ‘social media in travel’.  By putting phrases in quotation marks you’ll get a cleaner search that shows more relevant information.

Next you can select what type of results you’d like; everything, blogs, news, video, discussions, book.

The ‘How Often’ and ‘How Many’ selection depends on how you plan to use it.  You can easily change any of these factors.

Travel Agents:  Consider setting up alerts for your top suppliers and associations.  While you may get duplicates of e-blasts, you may find you’ll get more in-depth information.

Tour Operators:  You may consider setting up alerts for key destinations you serve to learn of up to the minute news and event information.

Destinations:  Have you considered setting up alerts for surrounding destinations that you could potentially partner with for events, festivals and cultural happenings.

Suppliers:  Get a sneak peek at your competition!  Or check out what your top partners marketing.  You may have a chance to then market your product in a unique way.

These tools give you insider information into social marketing.  Isn’t it amazing how you can track who is talking about what?  So why not utilize these resources?  These monitoring tools are key features for this facet of your social medi strategy.

Which tools do you currently use?  Which would you like to use?

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