3 Steps to Social Media

Now that you have decided to take the leap and get involved in social media, there are a few important first steps that you will want to consider to ensure your success with all of the social media tools available to you.

1. Sign up and look around

Check out other Facebook members by signing up for a free Facebook membership. Take a tour of Twitter after signing up for an account; search out conversations by typing a key word into the search box. With or without a free account on LinkedIn, you can search for colleagues by typing their name in the ‘find people’ box to see their profile.

2. Listen!

Check out other corporate and personal profiles and pages to listen to what’s being said and who’s talking the most.  How about checking out:

    • Facebook sites of supplier you currently work with
    • A favorite DMO’s  Twitter page
    • Group Tour Magazines web site, then click through to their social media sites
    • Customized Management Solutions blog for creative marketing ideas
    • LinkedIn profiles of your supplier sales reps

There is valuable information and discussions going on right now.  Do you want to miss out?

3. Buyer Persona

I would strongly urge you to dig a bit deeper into your client base and get to know your clients more intimately and understand your perfect clients better. This will help you to understand what type of content will be appealing to your clients, what forms of social media your clients participate in, as well as the communication frequency that will appeal to your clients.  By getting to you’re your clients better, you will then have a smoother transition from traditional to new media.

You will find examples of buyer personas or perfect client worksheets in many marketing books. You can also connect with me and I’ll send you a PDF of one I’ve designed for the tourism industry.

Catherine Heeg is an international speaker and trainer in the tourism and hospitality industry.  Check out the social media division that will set up and maintain your social media presence for you!  We do the work and you reap the rewards.  Here’s the solution!

What are your biggest social media questions?

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