3 Tips and 3 Tactics for Video E-mail

Did you know that video generates 60% of internet traffic?eyejot logo

Now you can easily harness the power of video and combine it with e-mail in one simple tool.

Imagine being able to send an e-mail with your video (not just as a link), but with the player right in your e-mail. That’s right! Your clients open your e-mail and see your smiling face in the message box. WOW! I’ll bet they’ll see you in a whole different light! (yes, the pun is intended)

Marketing Tactics
1. Introduce yourself to new clients
2. Market your upcoming group departures
3. Showcase a particular feature of your hotel or attraction
4. Send a thank you, birthday or welcome home message to your clients.
5. Bonus! Welcome a group leader or potential client to your hotel, restaurant or attraction.

Check out Eyejot! It’s the most fun I’ve had with video e-mailing in a long time. Once you sign-up you can choose the free or paid version and begin creating your own video. All you need is your computer with a web-cam. Now there’s also an app for the I-Phone.

Here’s what the create screen looks like:

Eyejot ScreenShot

With the free version you can send an unlimited number of 5 minute messages to any e-mail address. Spread the word socially using the embed code or URL link to paste into your blog, website, Facebook or Twitter. With an upgrade you can even send documents. Vimeo offers a similar service.

Once your client receives your video e-mail they can easily reply for free!

How cool would it be to send an Eyejot to a potential cruise client direct from your next ship inspection?

Impress your potential clients with an Eyejot after a crucial meeting.

Hoteliers are using Eyejot to follow up with group leaders prior to arrival.

Attractions use Eyejot to introduce themselves to new Tour Operators. Think about using your mobile device and filming your Eyejot in front of a signature part of your attraction.

Recording Tips
1. Make a test recording and check the background of your video.

  • a. Is it a clutter-free area?
  • b. Does it reflect a scene that would entice your clients to book with you?
  • c. Can the viewer see part of your hotel lobby, attraction or restaurant that’s crucial to their decision making process?

2. Test your voice and adjust your distance from the screen or mobile device
3. Have some fun and let your personality shine!

What successes have you had with video email?

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