3 Tips to Write a Blog in Less Time.

Travel pros like you are finding that blogging is the fastest way to engage and grow a client base.

Many people tell me they just don’t have the time to blog.  I totally understand!  It’s not only about finding the time in your already busy day, but finding the right topics that will entertain and educate your readers.

Here are 3 tips that will make your blogging life easier!

  1. Start an idea list.  Every time you travel, attend a workshop or participate in a webinar jot down 5-10 blog topic ideas.  This will give you a pool of ideas to choose from when it comes time to put pen to paper.  If possible, jot down intriguing words that you heard,  descriptive terms and sassy statements.
  2. When sitting down to write, make a list of all the subtopics that you can think of.  Then choose 2 or 3 of these to write about.  The goal is to keep your thoughts on-target, succinct and relevant to your audience.  The rest of the topics you’ve written down can be used in a later post.
  3. Keep your post short!  500 words is the limit of most people’s attention span.  (we’re at 196 words right now—how’s your attention span?)

In a recent destinational aboard the Voyager of the Seas, a group of totally dedicated NACTA members each wrote a blog about 1 aspect of cruising.   We worked in teams to develop a killer title and opening paragraph.  Do you have a colleague that you can bounce ideas off and collaborate with?  If so, how about dividing up a topic and exchanging blogs so that you’ll have twice as many?

P.S.  This is 278 words and 12 minutes!  Whew!

Bonus tip:  Make an appointment with yourself each day or week to simply write.  I usually try to write a couple of posts at a time as I find that once I get into the writing mode, the words just fly off my keyboard.  Here’s an article (pls see page 14) with more tips for travel pros!

What’s your best blog tip?

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