3 Tools and 6 Contest Best Practices

3 tools and 6 contest best practice

Contests are quickly becoming an engagement tool perfectly suited to our industry.  See what’s happening by searching “Contests” on Facebook for a list of contests, sweepstakes & promotions.

When you consider developing your own contest here are some of the platforms that are Facebook approved;

Facebook has very stringent rules on contests and sweepstakes, so please make certain to use an approved contest building platform and carefully read the fine print.

Pricing varies as do inclusions such as mandatory liking and uploading ease.

When a client of mine wanted to generate more ‘likes’ as well as user generated photos for future advertising,  we created a custom landing page (see the previous blog post 1 BIG way to Gain Attention for your Social Pages.  Land more clients!)

for their Facebook page and their website.  A new banner and long profile on these sites was created to tease and intrigue fans.

In the first 5 days of the contest 60 new ‘likes’ were generated as well as 40 photo entrants.  It’s an exciting way to take your social presence viral.

Contest Best Practices

  1. Plan your goals and strategy
  2. Integrate your strategy across all your sites; website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.
  3. Powerful Call to Action!  Relate your call to action to your goal.
    1. Create a photo contest that focuses on a specific new tour you’re promoting.
    2. Make it FUN & Easy!
    3. Measure & monitor your successes.
      1. Measure click-thru rates
      2. Assess sales as related to your contest
      3. Track new ‘likes’
      4. Use Page Insights or another monitoring tool
      5. Leverage your involvement in other social platforms.
        1. Tweet about your contest using an appropriate #
        2. Put info onto your LinkedIn page
        3. Join conversations on Twitter and Facebook to spread the word of your contest.

Generating more ‘likes’ and, most importantly, more fan interaction takes hard work, the right tools and marketing savvy.  When you check out these tools, plan your marketing calendar and pull the pieces together your fans will multiply!  There is magic in that!

What contest platform have you used?  What was your opinion of it’s ease and simplicity?

What other tips and best practices would you add to this conversation?

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