3 Twitter Tools & 1 Facebook tip

Measure, Monitor and Metrics are the key words in social media today. Many of us find that merely getting the social marketing plan executed is demanding enough.  Let’s explore the essential tools designed to boost your effectiveness by giving you insights into your audience engagement.

Social fans today demand relevant, up to the minute information that will help them plan, execute and dream about their next trip.

Engagement and sentiment are crucial.  Let’s explore these key social metrics.

Measurement Tools

Imagine if you were able to figure out why and when your fans were available to read your latest Facebook post or Tweet.  With these tools you’ll have that information at your fingertips.

Facebook Page Insights.  Once your fan count exceeds 30 you’ll have access to demographics as well as which posts reach the most fans.  When studying your Page Insights, re-order the list of your posts by Reach.   To do this, click on the down arrow next to reach and it will re-order from lowest to highest or the reverse order.  These are the number of unique people who have seen your post.

Study each post to see what time and day it was launched on your Facebook page.  Check out what type of posts are generating the best reach for you.  Are they posts that share photos, links or ask questions? Dig deeper into the analytics to look for trends, then put out your next series of posts based on this information.  Tip:  Test your strategy over a couple of weeks to see what other patterns emerge. Then build on this success by posting in a similar style to reach an even greater audience.

Page Insights Bonus tip

Recently I was talking with a travel client who had a really good handle on the demographics of their client base that travelled with them regularly.  When we started digging into the analytics of their Facebook fans we found the demographic skewed much younger.  We were then able to adapt our posting voice to appeal to this demographic.  This is a powerful way to use a different channel of communication to reach another audience and grow your business.

Here’s what you will want to investigate in your own Page Insights.  Click on Reach then study the age, gender and location of your fans.  Here’s how it looks.

Tip:  Don’t forget to look at the cities your fans hail from.  You-all can always adapt your voice there as well, eh?  (Ok, that’s a bit of my Southern-ism and Canadian combined.)

Timely.is, WhentoTweet, TweetWhen.

Who wants their tweets to fall on deaf ears?  These tools give you the chance to reach your followers when they’re listening.  Measure your Twitter reach and times of greatest visibility.

Timely.is provides you time frames and hours to optimize your tweet schedule.  As a sample they will analyze your last 199 tweets and provide this information for you.   These analytics are looking at when you’ll reach your greatest audience.  If you sign-up for their service they will post your tweets at the optimal times to reach your audience.

WhentoTweet.com used to be a free service and now they charge $4.99.  It’s a comprehensive look at the times your audience is available.  WhentoTweet analyzes when your followers tweets and gives you a personalized recommendation of the best time of day for you to tweet.

Here’s what the sign-up looks like:

Here’s what results look like for @mashable.  Based on your Twitter usage you can decide if the value is there for you to use this service versus the other free services covered here.

 TweetWhen will  give you stats on when you’re most likely to be re-tweeted.  Here’s what my analytics look like:

With this information I’ve planned my most important tweets for Tuesdays between 3 and 4p EST.  Then, I look at my next best time and schedule other posts for Thursdays during that same time frame.  What do your analytics tell you?

Tip:  Leverage the timing of your live tweets to begin conversations with your followers.  Then check your @replies and direct messages at least daily to keep up with your new connections.

Measurement tools are an effective way of reaching your followers, and to better understand when the best time to get your message across is.  Have fun boosting engagement!

How often do you measure your audience?

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