3 Ways to Integrate Your Marketing Presence. Print AND Social Media

Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons


Successful marking is rapidly changing!  Integration is the new buzz word!  The question that looms large; Is print marketing dead?  The answer is no, not really!

Traditional marketing as we know it is changing and your tools to keep up with the changes are multiplying.  Recently at TechFest we explored a variety of ways to save time, connect more effectively and build business.  For those of you who want to integrate your traditional marketing methods with social marketing, here are 3 tips for you!

Icons & Links

First, re-visit and re-think the correspondence and promotional materials you send to your clients.  Successful travel pros are adding the hyperlinks and/or icons of their social connections to their e-mail signature.  This is a subtle, yet strong, message to your clients that you are involved and evolved!

Web updates

Second, announce your social involvement by putting icons on your website (check out how this looks) or by including your Facebook or Twitter feed right on your site.  Check with your web designer for specific tools for your unique platform.  If you’re involved and committed to using Facebook and/or Twitter, let your web visitors know about it.  They are potentially your biggest and best fans and followers.

Making your blog social

Third, your blog!  This is the perfect medium to announce your social involvement and engage people in the brand of YOU!  Blog readers are already interested in your topic, now you can use a tool like Sexy Bookmarks (now supported by Sharaholic) to help them navigate to your social pages (Check out my blog for an example).  At the very least provide hyperlinks so that they can find and follow you.

These simple tips and techniques will make the difference in client awareness and engagement.  The success of marketing comes from making it easy for people to get to know you and buy from you.

What techniques are working for you?   


Social Marketing Strategies for Travel and Tourism

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By Catherine Heeg

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