4 Practical Ways to Market your Next Group Tour.

How to integrate social and traditional media

Do you want to fill your next group tour more quickly?  Are you looking to jump start your marketing plan with social media, but not let go of your traditional marketing techniques?

As a follow up tool to an article in NTA’s Courier Magazine on marketing your event using social media here are some practical ways to multiply your effectiveness in marketing your next group tour.

Provide links in your e-mail blasts

Imagine news of your next group departure being spread quickly (and easily) on social media.   Many people are using the events section in LinkedIn to create an event for an upcoming group tour.  This useful social media tool provides you with a simple template which shows on your LinkedIn profile.  Think about using this to market your next consumer event instantly.  A bonus is that business professionals as well as tourism pros will see your event and sell into it or pass it along to their connections.  In addition, you can invite people from your list of contacts as well.

Facebook also provides an event tab that is easy to complete and update.  With the new features of the business page, you can set up an event, invite friends from your personal profile and talk about it on your business fan page.  Once you begin inviting people to your newly created event, they can also invite their friends.  Isn’t this a great way to get your clients to help you market your next tour or event?

Links and your newsletter

Once you’ve created this event you can use the URL link in a myriad of creative ways.  Shorten the link using a link shortening tool and consider these ideas:

  • Add the link to your brochure,
  • Include it in your flat sheet
  • Print the link on your postcard mailing
  • Include the link in your other social network postings

    QR codes

    When you create a QR code and include it on your print materials (newspaper ad, postcard mailing, flat sheet, etc) people take a photo of it with their smart phone and it directs them to the website or social page you’ve designated.  Check out these QR code builders.

    This is a totally new and creative way to bring together traditional media with new media and raise curiosity.

    All of these ideas will keep your clients on the edge of their seats by providing a level of excitement for the newest tools of engagement.

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    What other ideas have you implemented to combine social media and traditional media to grow your business?

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