4 Secrets to find Captivating Social Content

Google Alerta

Google Alerts

Do you ever wonder where people find compelling social content that inspires conversation? Where do they find relevant blogs and photos to attract new clientele to their tours? Where do they find those funny videos that show the right amount of ‘funny’ about their destination?

The mysterious ‘they’ out there have discovered the secret to sharing information. Let’s explore their secret!

Whether you’re beginning your foray into social media or are an expert, here’s a list of creative ideas to inspire you.

Content Sources

  • Set up Google Alerts and be the first to learn of new articles that fit your key words. Google searches blog posts, news and the web for those keywords and delivers it to you. Tour operators may want to set up alerts for the destinations they serve. Some marketers set up alerts for their company name or destination as it’s a great chance to see what people are saying about you and respond.
  • Search blog posts at Technorati. This is an opportunity to respond and connect with future clients and media thru the blogosphere.
  • Use the search functions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to hear what the ‘woman on the street’ is thinking. When you join those conversations you’ll engage with potential clients you may not have had an opportunity to meet in the traditional marketing or sales arena.
  • Check your own backyard. What FAQ’s do you hear? What trivia intrigues your guests? Is there a new recipe that has people lining up at your hotel or restaurant? Travel agents—what questions do you hear from your new clients? Blog, Tweet and Facebook it!

When you seek out and connect with potential brand evangelists, thought leaders and influencers in these mediums you’ll find that your own social media following will grow exponentially.

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Where have you had success in finding content for your postings? It would be great hearing and sharing!

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