4 Tips to a More Popular Social Presence

How popular are you?

Remember back in high school all the cool kids hung together and the rest of us…well we were in awe.

Now that social marketing is part of our business lives, being popular socially takes on a life of its own.  While gathering fans is important, it’s more important that your fans LOVE you and want to be a part of your conversations.

Firing up clients and potential new clients to seek out your social sites and then engage with you can be a challenge.  Here 4 hot and savvy ways to let people know where to find you socially and why they need to join your conversations.  We’ll start at a novice level and move into more advance and socially savvy tactics.

#1 –Embrace your email signature line

Include a reason why your email readers would want to cruise over to your social sites.  When we include a call to action or show them the WIIFM, it grabs their attention.

Bonus tip:  Do you have a unique weekly theme for your social posts?  If so, you may want to add a PS at the bottom of your email signature letting people know what you’re talking about that week.  For example, maybe next week you’ll be talking about cruising the rivers of Asia.  Write a PS that intrigues and teases.  Then hyperlink to your social site. When you change this message weekly, it keeps things fresh and elevates your email signature to a subtle marketing tool.

#2 — Website Icons

Incorporate icons on your website.  Are there a social icon buttons on each and every page of your website?  Do they lead people directly to each of your social sites?

Figure 1 – Social Icons on each page of your website

Many times I see websites where the social links are broken or worse yet, simply encourage readers to share your website socially.  The easy fix is to test those buttons to make sure they directly link readers to your current, well-populate sites.

Bonus tip:  Include a website plug-in to pull your Facebook activity onto your website and provide social credibility.  That way your website viewers will be able to see what’s happening on your Facebook page and see how many of their Facebook friends also like your business page.

Figure 2 – Include a website plug-in pulling Facebook to your site.

#3 — Social Icons and Apps

Spotlight social icons/apps on your Facebook page. Have you seen some Facebook business pages that have a series of social apps on the left side? Those apps and icons are easy to add and provide people with the nudge they may need to join you on another social platform.

Figure 3 – Add other social apps to your business page

Bonus tip:  Check out WooBox to easily add other social apps to your Facebook page.  It’s FREE and really simple to set up.

#4 — Key Words on Social Sites

Key Words are Key!  Did you know the About section on your Facebook business page is searchable?  Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google + and Instagram bio and description sections are also searchable.  Maximize your use of your key words and you’ll instantly be more searchable within the platform and on organic searches.  What an amazing SEO opportunity.


  • What does your email signature look like right now?
  • Have you incorporated links to your social pages so clients can find you online more easily?
  • Does your website showcase links to your social sites?
  • Are your key words in your about and bio sections?

Reaching out to your clients has never been easier!  Keeping top of mind with them is the challenge made simple with these tips and tactics.

Let us know how many more followers you’ve gained using these tactics.

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