4 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

4 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid140 characters may seem too short to make a mistake, yet here are a couple common things to avoid.

  1. Twitter is about making personal connections.  Avoid being too ‘corporate’ or ‘sales-ey’
  2. Don’t forget to respond to direct questions quickly.  Check out your Twitter feed daily for mentions (@) and search your company name.  This will quickly allow you to find conversations and join them quickly.  You can even set up your Twitter feed so that it appears on your screen as a live stream.
  3. Some people only post pre-scheduled tweets.  Don’t forget to join the live conversations happening in our industry.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn and who you’ll meet.
  4. Your photo or logo is imperative!  If you’ve not uploaded a photo or logo, Twitter will insert an ‘egg’ for you!  How impersonal is that!   People, especially your clients, need to see YOU!
  5. Participate in Twitter Chats.  You’ll have a chance to meet fascinating people and learn from your peers.  I find that I meet so many interesting people and begin to follow them.  The bonus is that some follow back.

If you’re interested in tips & techniques to begin your foray into Twitter or grow your following, we’ll cover essential strategy and best practices for the travel & tourism industry in this audio podcast.

Check out this relevant short audio podcast.  I’m interested in hearing your success stories.

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By Catherine Heeg

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