4 Ways to get more Mileage from your Blog Posts

Want to save some time?  Here are a couple of simple ways for your, tourism and travel pros,  to turn the hard work you’ve put into writing your blog into other formats to reach a broader audience.

Blogs provide you the greatest opportunity to reach a wide group of your perfect clients and give them the chance to spread the word for you.

While the written word still appeals to many people, consider if you were able to reach commuters who want to listen to your blog on their .mp3 player or social media mavens or readers of your favorite trade or consumer journal.  Here are a number of techniques that you can use to expand your reach.


I’ve expanded on a number of my blog posts and created audio podcasts that can be used in staff meetings or when commuting.  By simply adding a relevant story that’s more suitable to the spoken word than the written word, a blog posts takes on a new life.  Best practices show that audio podcasts are most listened to if they remain between 6 and 10 minutes.  However, many news and opinion writers have much longer podcasts.  Consider what your audience needs.  (for more information, listen to my audio podcast called Podcasting for Profit or read my blog post for how-to tips and techniques).  These tips also apply to video podcasts.


Often I’ll take a couple of key points from a blog and turn them into tweets with a link back to my blog.  This way you’re giving people value in 140 words or less and then directing them to more in-depth information.


When you have discussion-worthy blog material you can start a discussion among your Facebook fans and friends.  This will create buzz and draw people back to your blog.  Here’s a secret for you: the discussion may lead to other topics for your to blog about.

Create an Article

Do you find that in some cases your blog post merely gives people a glimpse of a topic.  If so, by adding more content, more in-depth stats or additional examples you can turn your blog into an article that’s worthy of publication in a trade or consumer journal or magazine.

This is just the beginning of a conversation on simplifying and stretching your content to get as much mileage as possible from your writing.  All this is an opportunity to provide relevant content to your fans.  This in turn brings you more credibility, exposure and revenue.

How have you creatively used your blog content to draw more readers?

What ideas on repurposing to expand your reach have you used successfully?

Keep the conversation relevant.  Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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